Top Three Summer Cleaning Challenges

Every season brings its own peculiar challenges, and summer is no different. And while all you may want to do is sit on the sofa in your comfy, air-conditioned living room, the chores always lurk in the background.

Here are the top three cleaning challenges you deal with during the summer months.

More dust

Over the last few years, summers have been scorching and dry, resulting in more dust in the air. Compared to the more humid spring and autumn months, you might want to reconsider the weekly vacuuming routine and pump it up at least two times. Also, more dust tends to accumulate on your windows, so we suggest you wash them at least once per month (or hire a professional to do it for you.)

More bugs

If you live near one of London’s great parks or open spaces, you cannot fail but notice the increase in insects flying around. They will stick to your window panes and sills, door frames, and the entire exterior of your house. Our suggestion – wait until late August or early September and then remove the dead bugs all at once.

More outdoor activities

Who doesn’t like the long summer evening walks? And what is more natural than your kids coming home with grass and dirt stains all over their T-shirts and shorts? Besides, we sweat much more during the summer, even if we just have to go for some groceries. 

Bottom line – prepare for significantly more laundry. The good thing is it will dry much faster in the heat!