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Weekly Mantra…and an apology.

be flexible_keepitrealclean Soo, about this whole blogging thing. Sometimes I’m the worst. I was happy with how much I was working full time, writing for the blog, cooking every meal, working out, and balancing it all…until I wasn’t. We had a few super busy weeks followed by full weekends traveling. After a while, I was starting to feel exhausted, run down and stressed about how it was feeling impossible to do it all. Well, as you can see the thing that had to take a backseat was blogging.

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Weekly Mantra: Time for happy.

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.  Weekly Mantra Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday! After a little bit of a crazy week, I’m happy to have a relaxed Sunday. We have a friend coming to stay with us tonight which will be nice to just have some downtime. I think most people that know me well know how much I love a casual meal.

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Weekly Mantra: Laugh More.

Life is better  when you're  laughing.  Keep it Real Clean. Weekly mantra Happy Sunday! Soo, maybe you noticed there was a slightttt time lapse from my last posting until today’s. Last weekend was the third weekend in a row that I was traveling and it definitely seems to have gotten the best of me. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I chose to use all of my time that I was home to just be in the moment.

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Weekly Mantra: Be happy.

Don't worry.  Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday!! Hoping you all are having a wonderful, relaxing and happy Memorial Day weekend. I love weekends like this where the “priority” is being with friends, having fun and relaxing. Lately, I have been trying to remind myself of these things…you know? things that make you happy. I like to think of myself as a pretty happy person, but just as everyone else, I have my down days.

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Weekly Mantra: A Mother is

A mother is Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you all are celebrating a wonderful Sunday! Whether that’s celebrating with your Momma or brunching in her honor from a distance enjoy today. I’m fortunate to know so many amazing Mom’s including my own, my soon-to-be Mother in law and all of my crazy Aunties. A Mother is more.

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Weekly Mantra: Of content.

Keep it Real Clean: A week of content.| Weekly Mantra| Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday! Here we are again, Sunday funday, right? Well…for me it just depends on your idea of fun 😉 I’m spending today catching up on a whole bunch of stuff…cleaning, cooking, and taking care of myself. Truly the epitome of a Sunday.

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Weekly Mantra: Not everything.

You can do anything, but not everything.  Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday! Phew, Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest, right? Welp, not for me this work! This week I did my usual schedule at work of Monday-Thursday for my 10 hour days then this weekend I’ve been at a course for work Friday to Sunday 7:30-5:30pm every day.

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Weekly manta: Not perfection.

Grace | weekly mantra | keep it real clean Happy Sunday! After having a few busy weekends in the row and looking at a calendar full for the next few weeks, we wanted to have a weekend of hanging out and enjoying the weather. Yesterday, after waking up and doing a few things around the house, we decided to go out and enjoy the springy weather!

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