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On the Move: Airport Workout!

Aiport Workout  Keep it Real Clean Happy Thursday!! Lately, we’ve been traveling almost every weekend and while traveling can often be a hard thing for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only can it totally rock your diet and sleep, but your workouts can be totally lost along with your checked bags.

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On a Plane, a Train or a Bus: Your travel essentials.

Travel Essentials | Keep it Real Clean Okay, so if you saw a few weeks ago in my Weekly Mantra posting I mentioned that we recently took a bus ride that lasted just a wee bit longer than anticipated (like 6 hours more). While sitting on that bus I thought of all of the things I wished I had had to not die of boredom/starve/not ruin our relationship, you know…the usual. Unfortunately for me I had barely any of these things with me, but I think that in the future I’ll be sure to always have is packed in my bag. Let my mistakes be your gain 😉

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Hotel Workout: Keeping up with the training plan!

8 miles down! Happy Monday All! This past weekend we went to our friend’s wedding and OH GOSH. It was fun. Amazing amazing. Everyone was gorg and the reception was amazing! We had an awesome time! I was a teensy bit nervous about our first weekend away from home since now I’m getting into longer distances. On the gamete for this weekend was an 8.5 mile run and a 40 minute cross training. I knew there was no wayyy I was going to be up for a workout on Sunday (let’s be realistic here…) so I knew I need to get creative with my workout schedule.

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