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Resolution #1: Vegan Trial

Vegan Trial | Keep it Real CLean Hi all! So last year on January 6th, I started a food challenge that actually flipped my eating routine upside down. I had always tried to eat healthy and make good choices, including cutting out processed foods, increasing the amount of organic fruits and vegetables according to the dirty dozen, but it wasn’t until I completed the Whole 30 did I really start to truly investigate how my body reacted to certain foods. A few years ago, I started to incorporate meat back into my diet after years of vegetarianism. One of the major reasons that I started to incorporate meat and other animal products was because I started to feel like in a search to find things easily available

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Healthy Challenge: JUNK-less

De-Clutter! So, in spite of this new move I have begun the process of “de-junking” the current apartment prior to moving to the new place. I decided since this is a little more permanent than all of the other moves I’ve had previously it was better to be efficient about this one and only move what NEEDS to go rather than storing things for the next time we move, only to be finally tossed then. I started in the closet, which I thought would be the easiest since you can pretty much tell when you have things that you don’t wear or don’t like anymore…boy was I wrong.

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Healthy Challenge: Drink MORE H20

Water with frozen fruit! Happy Monday! Last week I tried the healthy challenge of ditching the caffeine for the week which actually was very nice and not nearlyyy as difficult as I thought it would be. One thing I learned was that I really enjoy the “routine” of my morning coffee. Typically I wake up when my boyfriend’s alarm goes off and watch the news while drinking a mug of coffee…a little calm before the craziness of my day.

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Healthy Challenge: Decaffeinate

Water with lemon This week for the healthy challenge I’ve decided to cut out caffeine. Previously I would just have a cup of coffee in the morning and then was good to go for the day, but lately I’ve noticed that one morning cup became one at home and one at work…then another mid day…and maybe another at 4 or 5 to push through the rest of my patients and get me through my workout.

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Healthy Challenge: Sip some tea.

Tea Last week, I tried the healthy challenge of walking after dinner each night as a way to evade late night snacking and to get in a few extra minutes of activity at the end of the day. Although I would love to say we did it everyday after dinner and it was great blah blah, unfortunately…last week was not so conducive with that plan.

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Healthy challenge: Walk it outtt.

IMG_3160 Hey all! Hope everyone had a happy, restful weekend and enjoyed some fun with family and friends. We took a trip to Atlantic City (more on that later) which was a fun trip, but definitely threw me off my healthy weekly routine. Yeesh, time for a reset…which brings me to my new Healthy Challenge…

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