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Cutting the Clutter: Let it GO!

Cuting the Clutter...let it go!

Happy Friday all! Lately, life has been so busy. We took a trip up to Upstate NY to visit my family and scout out our wedding venue. It was so amazing for all of our family to be able to see the place where we’ll be getting married! Lately, I’ve been trying to declutter our house like crazy. Not sure what it is about winter that makes me want to get rid of a bunch of stuff and declutter, but lately u have been cleaning our closets left and right. It started in our bedroom. I went to pull out

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Why I’m obsessed with Coconut oil…and why you will be too!

Obsessed with Coconut Oil  Keep it Real Clean

Seriously. I’m obsessed coconut oil lately. So much so that I left the house the other day and I realized I was COVERED in oil. But in a good way. I’ve always been a big fan of using waterproof mascara for the stay factor. I never have been one for make up touch ups throughout the day so if I can stick on some mascara in the morning and it can stick for the day I’m good to go. The only downside of mascara that won’t budge during the days means that it also can be tough to get off

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Chic & Cute: Halloween on a budget!

Cute Chic Halloween Decorations| Keep it Real Clean

Okay, I warned you all. Keep it Real Clean has officially undergone the Halloween/Fall takeover. First it was pumpkins, now its halloween decorations. I am not messing around. Last year, I decorated for Christmas…barely, but I felt like that was enough because we had really just gotten our house together. This year. No excuses. But, then again, I am not a full on bloody guts and gore kind of Halloween decorator. Not only am I not interested in that…um, hello? In my kitchen? Unnecessary, but I also still want to keep up with my regular decor. I like to keep

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Clean those brushes…Naturally!

Clean Your Make Up Brushes Naturally  Keep it Real Clean

So, fall. I’m not sure about you all, but there’s something about fall that makes me NEED to clean. Okay, yes yes Spring Cleaning…I know, I know. Everyone is all about that, but there is something about the fall that makes me so happy to be able to spend a Sunday with a crockpot cooking away and me knee deep in a pile of clutter to sort through. This past weekend, I decided to sort through all of my make up and chuck out a bunch of stuff. While I sorted through about 84 lip smackers (yes, I know…whatever, I’m

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Back on track: Getting motivated!

Getting motivated!

Ohh this is awkward. Remember about a month and a half ago when I came back after an unexpected hiatus? And remember when I said, I was back and ready to go? Eh, turns out I hadn’t gotten it all out of my system just yet. But, now I’m back! This summer has been kooky. I was thinking once fall got under way and we got back into our normal swing of things I’d be back and ready to go….but it turns out the fall is looking just as busy! We are super fortunate to have good friends living nearby

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Balanced and Bold: Meet Katie!

Hi Friends!! Happy Tuesday!!! Today I have another interview from my Balanced and Bold Series. Katie is from Greenville, South Carolina and is a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador. I’m so excited to share this with you all! I feel so fortunate to have been able to catch up with ladies from all over! I hope you enjoy “meeting” Katie today! After reading, be sure to hop over to Pickles2Pushups to read my interview with Katie. Hi Katie!! Welcome to Keep it Real Clean. Can you introduce yourself?    I am a Registered Dietitian in the Greenville, SC area.  I have my Personal

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How to be the whitest girl on the beach.

Happy Tuesday all! Hope you are all enjoying every bit of the last month of summer. I, for one, definitely am. My fiance and I are down on the Jersey Shore with his family. We are staying just a short walk to the ocean (but an even shorter walk to an ice cream shop!) and its beautiful. We’re super fortunate to be able to join and to have the longest vacation we’ve ever had together! So, I’m not so sure this will be a news flash to anyone, but I’m pale. Like, snow white pale. So much so, that literally

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Give it a break: Losing that all or nothing attitude.

Okay friends. I have been mulling over this post for months…no, I have been thinking about this post since I started Keep it Real Clean. Most people that I work with, alot of my good friends, and a good chunk of my family have no idea that I create as many people refer to it, a “food blog” or a “fitness blog”(…I prefer for Keep it Real Clean to be recognized as a Lifestyle blog…that includes food and fitness, but then again, those in my opinion should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle, but I digress…). Its not that I don’t

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