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On the Move: Airport Workout!

Aiport Workout  Keep it Real Clean Happy Thursday!! Lately, we’ve been traveling almost every weekend and while traveling can often be a hard thing for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only can it totally rock your diet and sleep, but your workouts can be totally lost along with your checked bags.

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Work it out: Get those strong thighs!

Get the thigh gap crap out Thigh gap. It’s like all the rage. You go on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and gosh, even Facebook and you’re bombarded with posts about GETTING THE GAP.

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Bikini Body Now. | Keep it Real Clean How often do you see these words? Every time you open Instagram someone seems to be posting a picture of their bikini body progress. Or, you jump on Facebook and someone is complaining about hitting the gym in the name of the summer months ahead. Or, you’re at a restaurant and overhear someone talking about how they CANNOT eat that because HELLLO, SUMMER!! Well, I think its all crap. Sorry.

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Make a splash: Swim workouts!

Swim Workout | Keep it Real Clean Happy Thursday! So I’m finally I’m back to hitting the pavement. After this seriously freezing winter, running took a jump to the back burner BUT the good thing was I was able to reintroduce swimming as a workout, despite our previous tumultuous relationship.

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Week of Workouts: Back at it!

Week of Workouts | Keep it Real Clean Hi all! Last week I pulled out my calendar and made a plan to for sure hit up the gym. like for real. and it happened! I was pumped that we joined a gym and tried to take advantage of it! It was actually perfect timing considering the weather was COLD. So here it goes, here was my week of workouts!

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Keeping it moving: Nike Training App

Nike Training Club| Keep it Real Clean Happy Tuesday all! Just wanted to pop in and tell you all about an awesome FREE app that I’ve been using a whole bunch this holiday season. Up until November 24th, I was GUNG HO about running and pretty much planned my life around the running schedule. So pretty much this was my life: “Happy hour?” “Nope, I need to do 7 miles. See YA!” Now? “Happy hour?” “YUP. But can we only drink champagne?” What? I like holidays okay? Unfortunately, December has been tough for the workouts, but recently I started incorporating a new at home workout for the days that are tough on time (aka those days that fun outweighs the workout).

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Fitness Goals for 2015

Keep it Real Clean| Fitness Goals for 2015 So now it begins. That time each year when you start to think about your New Year’s Resolutions or big plans for the year. I think this year it has hit me a little bit earlier since I’m still coming off the high of running my first half marathon and overall a truly awesome year in general. The 2013 was easily one of the hardest years that I, along with much of my family, has endured. Luckily, 2014 has truly been a wonderful year to help balance a slightest bit of that year for me. Here’s to hoping for an even better 2015! I have begun to start thinking about what types of goals I may have for next year.

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Operation Motivate: 7 miles!

photo 2 (1) Happy Monday! Hope everyone is all pumped up for a fun week ahead. I for one am superrrr excited for this week considering its the LAST.WEEK.BEFORE.THE.HALF. YAYY! Not only am I excited to get out and do this race to prove to myself that I can do it, but I would say I’m actually pretty pumped to be able to take a slight, semi step back from running so much. First of all, I would like to start that by saying I never would have considered myself a runner…until about 6 months ago…now? Oh, I am totally a runner. Heyyy girl heyy. SO, with all of that being said considering that I have been running on average 3-4 times weekly for the last 15 weeks I’m ready to take a set back and hop into a little variety in my workouts.

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