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Get the most out of that race!

How to get the most from your race  Keep it Real Clean Here we are at the height of race and sign up season. Everywhere you look it seems to be that someone is finishing a race (go you!) or encouraging you to join for the next race…well, I’m going to be doing both of those things today. 😉 If you decide to sign up for that race, make sure you do the most you can to really squeeze the most out of that race!

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Friday Faves: Ways to sneak in a workout!

Fit in a workout everyday Happy Friday! So I have been CRAZY busy lately. A million things at work, a billion things at home. My brain is actually constantly going. In order for me to stay sane, exercise is necessity. Without a good run here or there, my body and mind are totally not in sync. When your schedule gets busy it seems like the last thing you’ll be able to do is head to the gym, but maybe the gym isn’t a necessity? Check out my easy ways to squeeze in exercise during a busy day!

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Conquer your Morning Workout

Morning Workout I know. You’re already dreading this because the thought of waking up early to do anything, let alone workout is just NOT your thing, but wait! It could be!! After a few weeks of scheduled…and missed…workouts I decided something had to change.

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Rest day: Now what!?

Rest Day Last week, I talked about the 10 reasons to take a rest day so I’m hoping we can all be on the same page here and agree that rest days are essential. All in agreement? GREAT. Okay, so now that we’re all resting…now what?? I’m not sure about you, but I definitely love a good rest day…especially when I’ve earned it!

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REST: 10 reasons to take a rest day!

Keep it Real Clean | 10 reasons to take a rest day Okay, I think a true REST day is seriously one of my biggest challenges. When I first started really scheduling my workouts I would pick one random day and take it as a rest day regardless if my body was telling me I needed it or not.

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SQUEEZE the day. Part 1: Gimme that burger.

Squeeze the day Happy Saturday! Ever feel like you’re just pushing for the weekend starting bright and early every Monday morning? Me too. Maybe even Sunday night sometimes… Lately, in order to try to not just dread the week and wait eagerly for the weekend I’ve been trying to really squeeze the most from everyday. Yes, totally means some days I’m EXHAUSTED at the end of the day…or week, but I would rather have a packed day than feel like I only have 2 days a week that are just for me.

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Running Safety: “The Most Terrifying Run Ever”

Run 5 Good morning! I’m gearing up for my next long run today, but I wanted to wrap up around our last long run at Pennypack Park, which will forever be known as, “the most terrifying run ever”. Okay, it may be a little exaggeration, but it was enough that both my friend and I have vowed we’ll never be headed back to Pennypack Park. So, about 2 weeks ago when we found a list of 5 best fall foliage running spots. Perfect!

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Let’s get real: How to really commit to working out

Post run! Good morning! This weekend Philly is all a bustle with the Rock’n’Roll Half and Full Marathon Festivities! It totally makes me excited (and also a little scared!) about my upcoming half marathon at the end of November. My training has actually been going pretty well so far..I was saying yesterday to a friend that it’s amazing how much easier its been increasing mileage by actually training! (ha!).

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