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Bowl of Benefits…Flawless Acai Bowl.

Acai Breakfast Bowl  Keep it Real Clean

Alright, soooo….its happened. I jumped on the Acai bandwagon, but guess what?  I don’t hate it. I realize basically everyone and their Mother has been instagraming pictures of beautifully organized Acai bowls for months now, but in Philadelphia its not as easy to get your hands on a bowl as it may be in other places…Yes, West Coast..I’m talking to you. But, I totally took it as a sign when I was at Whole Foods and saw the frozen Acai packs were on sale. I mean, come on…I basically would have LOST money if I didn’t buy it. (Logic? ;)) So, I

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Back on track: Getting motivated!

Getting motivated!

Ohh this is awkward. Remember about a month and a half ago when I came back after an unexpected hiatus? And remember when I said, I was back and ready to go? Eh, turns out I hadn’t gotten it all out of my system just yet. But, now I’m back! This summer has been kooky. I was thinking once fall got under way and we got back into our normal swing of things I’d be back and ready to go….but it turns out the fall is looking just as busy! We are super fortunate to have good friends living nearby

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Summer Running: Make a Summer Race that works!

Summer Running Ah, Summer running. You love it. You hate it. You love the way you can run at 8pm and its still light out. You love that you can pack running clothes in your bag, and not have to carry a separate pack just to drag along the layers. Let’s be honest. You love that your run can end with a happy hour while relaxing outside in the sun.

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On the Move: Airport Workout!

Aiport Workout  Keep it Real Clean Happy Thursday!! Lately, we’ve been traveling almost every weekend and while traveling can often be a hard thing for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only can it totally rock your diet and sleep, but your workouts can be totally lost along with your checked bags.

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Work it out: Get those strong thighs!

Get the thigh gap crap out Thigh gap. It’s like all the rage. You go on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and gosh, even Facebook and you’re bombarded with posts about GETTING THE GAP.

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Get the most out of that race!

How to get the most from your race  Keep it Real Clean Here we are at the height of race and sign up season. Everywhere you look it seems to be that someone is finishing a race (go you!) or encouraging you to join for the next race…well, I’m going to be doing both of those things today. 😉 If you decide to sign up for that race, make sure you do the most you can to really squeeze the most out of that race!

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Bikini Body Now. | Keep it Real Clean How often do you see these words? Every time you open Instagram someone seems to be posting a picture of their bikini body progress. Or, you jump on Facebook and someone is complaining about hitting the gym in the name of the summer months ahead. Or, you’re at a restaurant and overhear someone talking about how they CANNOT eat that because HELLLO, SUMMER!! Well, I think its all crap. Sorry.

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Friday Faves: Ways to sneak in a workout!

Fit in a workout everyday Happy Friday! So I have been CRAZY busy lately. A million things at work, a billion things at home. My brain is actually constantly going. In order for me to stay sane, exercise is necessity. Without a good run here or there, my body and mind are totally not in sync. When your schedule gets busy it seems like the last thing you’ll be able to do is head to the gym, but maybe the gym isn’t a necessity? Check out my easy ways to squeeze in exercise during a busy day!

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