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Meal Prep: 1 hour for 4 days!

Meal Prep in 1 hour! | WIAW| Keep it Real Clean On Sunday, I was revealing in the Sunday feeling of the “calm before the storm”. We spent all day Saturday doing A TON of home projects so Sunday was the clean up and replacement of everything from the work. Oh right, and then time for usual Sunday stuff…like meal prep! I haven’t done a solid meal prep in a while, but I was ready to get it in order this week…but didn’t want to spend the day doing it! Solution? Don’t. I was able to prep all meals and snacks for my 4 day work week and planned our dinners in…wait for it…one hour. Check it out!

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#WIAW: Vegan take 2!

image1 (7) Happy Wednesday all! So, this is a recap of yesterdays meals. Week 2 of my vegan trial and everything is going swimmingly…minus the fact that I almost ate a cracker yesterday with honey in it. Oh heck no. So here’s the thing, it turns out you can totally still eat typical “favorites”, but still follow a vegan diet, follow healthy food guidelines…oh, and include a few services of fruits and vegetables!

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#WIAW: The Vegan Tuesday!

Vegan Trial | Keep it Real Clean Here it is! Once again, pushing up my #WIAW to the Tuesday edition. I was initially planning to launch this on Wednesday, but honestly I want your opinions!! I felt like I was eating all day, but I was starving! I will say I have a very busy, physical job, I walk to and from work each day (about 1.5 miles each way) and I also hit up the gym, but I’m super interested in what you all think about portion sizes and my food choices. So here it goes!

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#WIAW: Back on track

Cold pressed coffee | #WIAW | Keep it Real Clean Hi all! Decided to do a #WIAW: Tuesday Edition this week since tomorrow I wanted to write about my year! After all its been a great year! But, back to #WIAW…despite Christmas being over the office doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo since its still crawling in sprinkles and sugar, but I made a big effort to avoid it all and amazingly get in my workout! Hooray for 2 workouts so far this week!

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#WIAW: Office land mines…treats.

WIAW: Treats galore. | Keep it Real Clean Hi All! Happy Wednesday! Gosh, I hope whereever you are isn’t as cold as it is in Philly. Today was one of those days that it was BONE CHILLING cold. I think all of December is full of land mines of treats. Seriously, its like wherever you turn there’s something chocolate covered, topped with sprinkles or rolled in powered sugar. Can’t lie. Today was a day of land mines, so much so that I think next week I’m going to give up sugar.

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#WIAW: Treats!

#WIAW: Treats! |Keep it Real Clean This morning I could NOT get out of bed. I swear I hit snooze 5 times. Bad news. I finally convinced myself to get out of bed by bribing myself with coffee. I flipped on the coffee pot, tossed a bagel in the toaster and started getting ready. Despite my extra zzz’s this morning I still took a few minutes to check my blogroll on Bloglovin’ quick! I use it to keep up with all of the blogs I read. Best part is, you get an email each morning with an overview of every post.

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#WIAW: Cleaning out the fridge

#WIAW: Pre Thanksgiving! | Keep it Real Clean Hey all! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Hope everyone in PA has managed to get home safely in this icky weather. I’m definitely lucky, despite being FROZEN, to be able to walk to and from work on days like today. So glad I washed my boots so I could splash through the puddles walk to work this morning. We are getting ready to head out for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but I wanted to share with you my pre-thanksgiving eats. I tried to keep things pretty simple today since we’re going away this weekend and the fridge is looking a little empty. I try to use up most fresh produce and dairy products before we head out for a few days.

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WIAW: Super Simple Stirfry

Produce Aisle Smoothie Happy Wednesday! Yes, I realize its impossible for my #WIAW What I Ate Wednesday posting to be done before Wednesday has even begun, but what can I say. I’m magic. Okay, just kidding. I decided to once again do a #WIAW Tuesday edition just to keep all of you lovelies up on my happenings because I KNOW you CAN.NOT.WAIT. another 24 hours to hear what I ate in a day, right? Of course :-) So, once again if you’re new to my page, or new to the #WIAW this posting is part of the link up from Peas and Crayons.

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