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Quick Cheat! Frothed Milk

Best Weekend| Keep it Real Clean| Frothed Milk So this past weekend, I was craving a nice, frothy, wonderful coffee drink. You know, those wonderful, beautiful, frothy coffees from that adorable little shop in the city…but one flaw. I wanted nothing more than to not take a single step out of my house. All. Sunday. Long. Nope, sorry world. Not feeling it!

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Gettin’ Figgy with it: Figs!

afterlight (1) Gettin’ figgy with it, nah nah nahhh nah nah nahhh , gettin’ figgy with it. Oh, sorry. So dorky, but you kind of liked it, didn’t you? 😉 So onward, Lately I have been OBSESSED with dried figs. I’m not even sure how I got back into them, but I am loving them lately.

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Snacky time: Super food mix

Superfood mix | Keep it Real Clean | Meal Prep Each week, I plan out all of my meals for the work week and put together what I can on Sundays. Lately, I’ve been all about throwing together this super food snack for me to munch on for a quick mid morning snack or an afternoon pre workout pick me up.

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Keep it GREEN.

Gettin' Green| Green Tea | Keep it Real Clean Yessss! Here we are on St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t lie. I pretty much love every holiday…Christmas, of course! Easter, yes please! Flag day, Bring it on. (Well…its also one of my good friends birthday’s…but whatever). Today is one of my favorite holidays for sure though. I love a day that I can celebrate my Irish heritage, but then again on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish, right?

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Reasons to drink MORE .

Ways to drink MORE | Keep it Real Clean …more water that is, but then again I guess these ideas could work for anything you’re drinking. Well, unfortunately, this week I was feeling pretty terrible for a few days…just run down, and overall ughh. I was trying to rack my brain to see what was different…new foods? different workouts? less sleep? more stress?

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Resolution #1: Vegan Trial

Vegan Trial | Keep it Real CLean Hi all! So last year on January 6th, I started a food challenge that actually flipped my eating routine upside down. I had always tried to eat healthy and make good choices, including cutting out processed foods, increasing the amount of organic fruits and vegetables according to the dirty dozen, but it wasn’t until I completed the Whole 30 did I really start to truly investigate how my body reacted to certain foods. A few years ago, I started to incorporate meat back into my diet after years of vegetarianism. One of the major reasons that I started to incorporate meat and other animal products was because I started to feel like in a search to find things easily available

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Clean Eats Philly: P.S. & Co.

Clean Eats Philly | Eating Clean in Philadelphia | Keep it Real CleanEver feel like you go to a restaurant only to realize that there’s nothing you eat on the menu? I feel like I constantly get stuck when trying to order from a menu that moderately sticks within my guidelines. Can’t lie, definitely those days where I forgo some “rules” and get pizza (obviously), but for the most part I try to stick with my healthy choices.

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Meals for the Week: Thankful for a 2 day week!

Meals for the Week: Thankful for a 2 day week! | Weekly Meal Plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Easy enough to make when short on time. | Keep it Real Clean Happy Monday! Since I have a pretty physical job and because this was my first half I wasn’t sure how I would feel I had planned to take today off and I although I was happy to have the day off I actually felt pretty good..minus walking up stairs. those. were. the. worst. I spent the day doing laundry and prepping meals for the week. Silly that that’s how I spend my day off, huh? Sometimes I just really love having a day to pull myself together, especially with the holiday season starting!

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