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4th of July Sips: Sour Cherry Sparklers!

4th of July Sips! Sour Cherry Sparklers! Yes, yes…I know, the Fourth of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share a little treat with you all! We had a relatively low key 4th this year because I was on-call/working the whole weekend so that meant we couldn’t go too far from home. Luckily, we are fortunate to have our really good friends living super close to the city, but with the benefit of their amazing backyard.

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Walking Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Strawberry Green Smoothies Good Morning friends!! Summer is here which means 2 things for breakfast: a.) The more time outside the better and b.) Icy cold smoothies are back! I have a hard time drinking something cold in the winter time for breakfast, but bring on the warm temperatures and I’m all about sipping a smoothie for breakfast.

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Quick Cheat! Frothed Milk

Best Weekend| Keep it Real Clean| Frothed Milk So this past weekend, I was craving a nice, frothy, wonderful coffee drink. You know, those wonderful, beautiful, frothy coffees from that adorable little shop in the city…but one flaw. I wanted nothing more than to not take a single step out of my house. All. Sunday. Long. Nope, sorry world. Not feeling it!

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If you like Piña coladas…

Piña coladas Smoothie Keep it Real Clean Then, make this smoothie 😉 Can I just say for the 1000th time I’m SO over cold weather. Granted, we are lucky that we aren’t still getting snow like my parents (ohh hey, Upstate NY), but I’m still done with the cold and just want to be able to go outside without wondering if I should do 2 layers or 3. I’m over it. Like really. Oh, good time to tell you all…I’m moving out of Philadelphia to escape cold.

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Keep it GREEN.

Gettin' Green| Green Tea | Keep it Real Clean Yessss! Here we are on St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t lie. I pretty much love every holiday…Christmas, of course! Easter, yes please! Flag day, Bring it on. (Well…its also one of my good friends birthday’s…but whatever). Today is one of my favorite holidays for sure though. I love a day that I can celebrate my Irish heritage, but then again on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish, right?

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Make your own Almond Milk

Step 1 I previously published this article almost a year ago, but wanted to bring it back to the forefront. I use it all the time and each time its easier and easier! Honestly, its a 5 minute process in my weekly meal prep.  What’s five more minutes? A week of almond milk, that’s what 😉 Hope you enjoy!

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Smooth start to a Wednesday

Smoothie Good Morning everyone! Is it just me or is this week draaggggingg. Maybe its because of Day Light savings, but I can’t believe its only Wednesday. Totally feel myself heading into hibernation mode…good thing I have my half marathon to keep me motivated to work out! I totally need to start looking into cold gear running clothing to combat these cold temps. This past weekend I ran the Cooper Norcross Run The Bridge Event which is a 10k that takes runners across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (and back!).

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Can I get some protein?

Smoothie 1 SO about protein…Every where I look it seems like people are trying to pack pounds of protein into everything. From yogurt to crackers, suddenly every package is covered in neon lettering to announce how much protein has been crammed into these items and unfortunately, many of these items are excessively processed in order to pack in the protein.

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