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CSA Update: Newest cheat!

Roasted vegetables Recently I opened our refrigerator and realized we were overrun by green onions! Last week, we got a great bunch of them and I used them in a bunch of foods, but gosh! I couldn’t keep up! (sidenote: totally realized how much this CSA is a good deal.. one order of green onion from the CSA is HUGE like 20 inches long and about 6 bunches!). Anyways, I realized I needed a good way…

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Quick post- Just pictures!

Fresh eggs Here’s our CSA haul from this week! YUM! Arugula, Lettuce, Romaine, Salad Mix, Zucchini, Snap Peas, Herb, and a Curly Parsley plant! Not to mention we also got a dozen fresh eggs :)

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CSA Recipes this week!

Lettuce wraps So, I like to think this week was a pretty successful one for using our CSA veggies! This week our order included: Spring Mix, Bok Choi, Green onions, Green leaf lettuce, and Red leaf lettuce. I used a bunch of ingredients we already had, but all in all we were successful. Here’s a recap of the recipes I put together this week.

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CSA Start up!

First share! I finally did it!! After abouttt 2 years of contemplating joining a CSA I finally decided to go for it and join one! I had contemplated back and forth whether it was right for us, and honestly before this year it didn’t make sense anyways. Between moving to a new city, starting a new job, moving again, and again (really, I’m not kidding), it just didn’t make sense until now to join one.

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