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Sip on this & Feel fresh out of the crypt!


Happy Friday!!! Okay, I’m full on back with the whole Halloween theme. (Oo, ps…in case you missed the other Halloween posts, check here for budget friendly decor or here! for a Pumpkin themed breakfast!) I mean, what other reason can you use to add gummy worms to your cocktails? Limited, but then again…you do you. Also, can you believe it’s already mid October? I like basically Thanksgiving…meanwhile, I’m over here considering if I should be putting away my bathing suits….whoops…not summer. In the Halloween spirit, I figured the obvious choice was to make beautiful vamp-y cocktails that won’t make you feel like garbage the

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October is here! Pumpkin Parfait Breakfast

Pumpkin Parfait | Keep it Real Clean

FALL! Yesss. Fall is great. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer more than anything, but the fall is just wonderful. Warm drinks, cozy sweaters and pretty colors? Can’t. go. wrong. The ONLY bad thing about the fall is that it means winter is lurking just around the corner. Ugh. But, might as well live in the moment and enjoy the wonderfulness of the fall so naturally that means time for pumpkin flavored meals! Ooo, also get ready. This is basically a fall takeover on Keep it Real Clean. I swear over this week it went from humid, warm

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Bowl of Benefits…Flawless Acai Bowl.

Acai Breakfast Bowl  Keep it Real Clean

Alright, soooo….its happened. I jumped on the Acai bandwagon, but guess what?  I don’t hate it. I realize basically everyone and their Mother has been instagraming pictures of beautifully organized Acai bowls for months now, but in Philadelphia its not as easy to get your hands on a bowl as it may be in other places…Yes, West Coast..I’m talking to you. But, I totally took it as a sign when I was at Whole Foods and saw the frozen Acai packs were on sale. I mean, come on…I basically would have LOST money if I didn’t buy it. (Logic? ;)) So, I

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Hostess with the mostess…and stuff.

Toasted Baguette with Fresh Bruschetta

Well, good morning friends! So, now that we are actually kind of staying in one place for a bit, as in not traveling and bopping around every second we aren’t working, I’ve been getting back into fun apps at home. I love having friends over for a drink and an app before heading out on a Saturday night. The other week, we decided to have a few friends over before going out for a friend’s going away party. Since we knew we’d be going out to the bar we wanted to have something in our stomachs, but nothing too too

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Get Fiesta Ready! Fresh Salsa


Happy Tuesday!! Ahh, Tuesday. When I was in college Tuesdays were one of the key nights to eat at the dining hall. Everyone knows how it can be…you go the whole week eating in the dining hall…the same meal for lunch, dinner, etc. I mean, how many meals can you eat cereal for? Three. The answer is three. and snacks if you’re lucky. Tuesday, on the other hand, was the unicorn of the week.

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4th of July Sips: Sour Cherry Sparklers!

4th of July Sips! Sour Cherry Sparklers! Yes, yes…I know, the Fourth of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share a little treat with you all! We had a relatively low key 4th this year because I was on-call/working the whole weekend so that meant we couldn’t go too far from home. Luckily, we are fortunate to have our really good friends living super close to the city, but with the benefit of their amazing backyard.

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Meet the ladies of SoreyFitness!

Summer-Sale-2 Happy Tuesday all! Hope everything is wonderful with you all. I’m so excited that today we have a guest blogger who is sharing an amazingly yummy recipe with you all. Seriously. Can I make this Healthy Key Lime Pie for breakfast (and let’s be real for dinner too)?

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Summer Night Dinner: Grilled Fish Tacos with Jicama Slaw

Grilled Fish Tacos with Jicama Slaw Oh man. It’s been too long (according to my fiance) since we made tacos. Seriously though, I was on a taco bender for a while now…like 2-3 days a week people. Tacos are such an easy dinner for me to whip up when I’m feeling like having a salad for dinner. I can just throw together a salad for myself with whatever protein I want and then pop it in a taco for my fiance.

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