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I’m Colleen O’Connor (soon to be a new Mrs! in June 2016) and the creator of Keep it Real Clean. Keep it Real Clean is my mash up of healthy lifestyle tips and tricks. On my blog, you’ll find a mash up of all things that make up a healthy lifestyle. I can be a little bit of a wild card and I’m sure you’ll catch on that one day I’m writing a healthy recipe and the next day I’m posting a picture of me drinking cocktails, but hey! Its life!


I prefer to look at a healthy lifestyle as a work in progress, one that can grow and modify based on how what your body is telling you. Ultimately, if you limit yourself eventually your body will find a way to get what it wants, but if you give your body all of the necessary, yummy nutrient dense foods that it needs to be efficient and powerful, your body won’t crave junk.

Roasted vegetables

I’m a huge believer in balance. I strive to keep a healthy, clean diet, but…I also like a cocktail…and pizza, but who doesn’t, right? I look for balance in all aspects in my life whether thats fitting in a workout, cooking(or ordering ;-)) a healthy dinner, traveling the globe, or picking the best products for our home. This whole process has been a journey, and its still on going. So, what do you think? Want to join me??

Join me on this journey to find, or redefine, what balance means!

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Colleen O'Connor - Keep It Real Clean

About Me

Hey! I'm Colleen and I'm a healthy lifestyle blogger living in Philadelphia, PA. Join me on this adventure to lead a healthier lifestyle including clean eating and fitness, all while enjoying the real world!

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