Back on Track: Getting LOOSE with your plan!

Sooo, about that gym routine…If you’re like any normal human being, I’m sure you’ve fallen off the wagon before when it comes to getting in your fitness. Maybe its one week that’s super busy, or a week that you’re not feeling so hot that is the catalyst to your die hard gym routine.

Back on Track Getting LOOSE with your plan!

For me, its often that I have a week that I just can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym and get in the workout that I had planned to be able to do. I think its a major advantage to be able to take the time each week to sit down and plan out the week of workouts, but I’ve also found out recently it can also cause a major downfall for my gym routines. Yes, I have goals for what I would like to accomplish in the gym and yes, I understand that takes consistency, but let’s be real..if you can’t get yourself to the gym then there’s no way its going to happen.

I often will map out my week on Sundays. I sit down with my planner and fill out everything that may be happening that week, whether its a list of errands that need to be done by a certain day, a big project at work with a tight deadline, or something social that I don’t want to miss…everything gets put into my planner so I have it clear in mind before I plan my workouts. I like to know of any barriers that may be impacting me before I pick a bunch of workouts that there is no way are actually going to happen.

Back on Track: Being LOOSE with your plan!

Next, I “assign” a workout for Wednesday and Thursday that’s…well, a little more basic than the other days. I know myself and I know that by that point in the week I’ll be more likely to skip a tough workout rather than swap it for something easier. Next, I jot in my tougher workouts for Tuesday and Friday. Since I’m fortunate to be off Fridays I like to spend a little bit more time in the gym (and really enjoy the no crowd time). Tuesdays tend to also be a good day for a tougher workout since although I’ve already done half of my work week I’m still past the Monday vibes, but haven’t hit the brick wall of Wednesday yet. Mondays tend to be a good day for a workout class if I can find one that fits the schedule so that I can start the week motivated. If I have to skip any days for whatever reason, I’ll swap that workout for a weekend day.

Okay, so when its all on paper..its gorgeous…but let’s be real. It rarely happens exactly the way I have it planned. Maybe its a later than planned day at work? Or, a particularly tired day? Or a spontaneous happy hour? Whatever it is, occasionally there are some things that pop up and change up my gym routine. Up until recently, I would beat myself up about it and try to constantly catch up all week, or do the opposite and just throw in the towel for the whole week.

Back on Track: Being LOOSE with your plan!

Lately, I’ve had a major change in my process. Now, regardless of my plan, regardless of time, or how tired I am, I just tell myself I have to do 30 minutes. Maybe its 30 minutes taking a walk around the city, or mindlessly pedaling on a spin bike, or getting a little lifting in, whatever I do end up doing I’ll do it for 30 minutes and call it a day. I would say about 90% of the time I end up doing more than 30 minutes. Even if its not whats in my planner for the day, its world’s better than just giving up and doing nothing. See, sometimes its not about what you may have thought the plan was, but instead the fact that you commit the time to you.

Back on Track: Being LOOSE with your plan!

Oh, and the best part about deciding to go for a walk around the city? I do some serious window shopping and scout out some super cute restaurants I have to try. What could be better than that? Okay, maybe brunch places. That might be better…but you get it 😉


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