Cutting the Clutter: Let it GO!

Happy Friday all! Lately, life has been so busy. We took a trip up to Upstate NY to visit my family and scout out our wedding venue. It was so amazing for all of our family to be able to see the place where we’ll be getting married!

Cuting the Clutter...let it go!

Lately, I’ve been trying to declutter our house like crazy. Not sure what it is about winter that makes me want to get rid of a bunch of stuff and declutter, but lately u have been cleaning our closets left and right. It started in our bedroom. I went to pull out all of my winter clothes and realized how annoying it was that my stack of sweaters wouldn’t stay up….had nothing to do with the fact that it was about 50 sweaters high, I’m sure… But instead of just trying to shove them back in I pulled down the pile, brewed some tea and got tough.

(Oh, p.s…no one likes pictures of other people’s junk so I’ll share some of our pictures from our trip instead ;-))

Cleaning out the clutter: Let it go!

Naturally, there were flights of sparkling wine to celebrate

Whenever I decided to go through my clothes to get rid of a few I seem to always find a reason to keep something. Whether there’s some slim chance I’ll wear it on a whim some random day or because it has some tinge of a memory tied to it, certain items always seem to find their way back into my closet to continue gathering dust. I decided I needed a plan of attack and got real cut throat on those things.

First, I eliminated anything that I just didn’t want. May sound simple but there are definitely things you keep just because it’s folded or because it’s just always been there, but you don’t actually like it. Let it go.

Cleaning out the clutter: Let it go!

One of my favorite stores in our hometown

Second, I eliminated anything that was past its prime. Anything that had a stain that just wasn’t coming out. Anything that was missing a button that I has SWORN I would fix. Anything with a tear or any other damage. If it was something that I was keeping because it was a “closet essential” or because it was a basic, I added to a note on my phone that way I can replace it. If it’s truly a basic I need, I’ll replace it.

Now it started to get a little tough. I pulled out any item that just didn’t fit right. I had quite a few things that I like, but for whatever reason just needed something fixed or adjusted. That pile of the “needs to be tailored”… Oh right, because I have a personal tailor on site. For most of the items I decided that it wasn’t worth the money to have it done because truly I wasn’t even that in love with the item anymore. I also got rid of a bunch of pants that were just ok, but didn’t fit how I wanted. See ya!

Cleaning out the clutter: Let it go!

The exact spot that we’ll say our vows!

By this point, I had a pretty good pile going….but I knew I could squeeze out more. I went through all of my tshirts, pajamas and gym clothes. Granted you always want to have clothes to relax, longe and workout in, but does it need to take up endless valuable dresser space? Or is this just me? I decided to get rid of piles of pajamas and keep only a few pairs. Realistically I wear pajamas for a few days before washing them and having 5 or 6 options is plenty even if I don’t do wash for 2 weeks. (Is that gross? Whatever, #busypeopleproblems). I had the same mentality with gym clothes. I workout around 5 days a week so why do I need 80 pairs of shorts. I broke it down and eliminated a ton of worn out and uncomfortable clothes. I seriously had a drawer full of tshirts. I think everything I’ve done for the last 5 years has resulted in a tshirt and I will never wear them. I kept a few “necessary” tshirts…i.e. Philadelphia sports teams.

Cleaning out the clutter: Let it go!

Just a few of our wedding guests already ready for the wedding

Amazingly by the end I had severed the emotional ties with piles of stuff and had plenty of room in my closet and dresser. Now the hardest part, getting it out o my house before it crept back into my closet so I’m off to get lug it all off to Good Will. Oh, p.s. did you know that you can swap a bag of your old clothes for 15% off coupon at H&M? Pretty good incentive to clean out that closet! Check out more here!


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