Sip on this & Feel fresh out of the crypt!

Happy Friday!!! Okay, I’m full on back with the whole Halloween theme. (Oo, ps…in case you missed the other Halloween posts, check here for budget friendly decor or here! for a Pumpkin themed breakfast!) I mean, what other reason can you use to add gummy worms to your cocktails? Limited, but then again…you do you. Also, can you believe it’s already mid October? I like basically Thanksgiving…meanwhile, I’m over here considering if I should be putting away my bathing suits….whoops…not summer.

Sip on this vampy cocktail!
In the Halloween spirit, I figured the obvious choice was to make beautiful vamp-y cocktails that won’t make you feel like garbage the next day. Granted, I think we are all aware that its not like alcohol is…healthy…but then again, if you’re going to drink, you might as well choose something that won’t make you feel terrible the next day. Everyone (who is 21 and over!!) knows that drinking a bunch of sugary, sweet drinks, although yummy in the moment, can give you serious regrets the next day.

Vampy Halloween Cocktail Clean Cocktail Recipe

Rather than making a sugary, candy flavored Halloween cocktail, I’m all about a slightly sour, fresh tasting cocktail. I made up these cocktails with some ghoulish blackberries, lemon juice, seltzer…oh, and some Tito’s. I’m obsessed with Tito’s Vodka. Its seriously always my choice of liquor whenever I’m out or at our house (hence why we have this JUG). Its seriously the best, and it doesn’t make you feel like garbage.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made in the United States in Austin, Texas, which is actually pretty awesome. Vodkas can be made from a variety of distilled ingredients, such as grains, potatoes, soybeans, grapes, rice or sugar beets. If you’re interested in finding an option that’s gluten free, Tito’s can be a good choice, since its made from potatoes. I personally, don’t avoid gluten, but it definitely can be an awesome choice for a “clean-er” option.
Halloween Cocktail Sip on this Vampy Cocktail!

Okay, so about this drink, we know the Tito’s is good choice, but any alcohol still had sugar. By mixing your cocktails with lemon can actually help to aid your body’s insulin response to the sugars found in alcohol. Using seltzer as a mixer can be a good choice, versus adding in a sugary juice. So, I’m sure by this point you’re ready for the recipe, eh? Hope you enjoy this yummy drink that won’t make you feel like you crawled out of a crypt the next day…

Fresh out of the Crypt Cocktail

– 3 Ripe blackberries
– Fresh lemon juice
– 2 ounces Tito’s Vodka
– Seltzer
– Gummy Worms for garnish (optional!)

1. Start by muddling the blackberries in the bottom of the glass.
2. Add a splash of fresh lemon juice and a shot of Tito’s vodka.
3. Add a splash of seltzer to your liking and garnish with a worm or two.

Sip and enjoy! And feel like a million bucks the next day (maybe $5 depending on how much you choose…)


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