Why I’m obsessed with Coconut oil…and why you will be too!

Seriously. I’m obsessed coconut oil lately. So much so that I left the house the other day and I realized I was COVERED in oil. But in a good way.

Obsessed with Coconut Oil Keep it Real Clean

I’ve always been a big fan of using waterproof mascara for the stay factor. I never have been one for make up touch ups throughout the day so if I can stick on some mascara in the morning and it can stick for the day I’m good to go. The only downside of mascara that won’t budge during the days means that it also can be tough to get off when I’m ready for it to come off. I previously used a regular eye make up remover serum that was great, but eventually it started to really irritate my eyes.

In an effort to combat the dryness, I started adding in a separate intensive hydrating eye cream on top of my regular skin lotion. It worked…kind of…but then I started to realized I was getting spots around my eyes where the skin had been dry, then was irritated by the “solution” ie. the eye cream. I hate using one product to solve a problem caused by another. In an effort to soothe the irritation I checked in with my doctor…Dr. Google.

In true form, I started looking for natural alternatives for eye cream so that I could avoid the irritation from the eye cream. I found a few articles that mentioned using coconut oil and I was immediately intrigued. I already was using coconut oil as a hair treatment and I loved it, but I thought it might be too greasy to really use as a lotion replacement.

Oh man was I wrong. Not only is it super smooth and hydrating, but it also easily smooths into your skin and leaves a lovely, dewy skin. When I started applying it to my undereye I realized not only was it hydrating, but I noticed that it was actual pulling eye make up off my eyes…make up I couldn’t even tell was still there. Um, witch craft! After a bit, I started to swapping out my eye makeup remover, eye cream and nighttime face lotion for coconut oil.

Why I'm Obsessed with Coconut Oil Keep it Real Clean

Turns out…there are so many more things that you can swap out in favor of coconut oil…oh, and I do. Not only is it super healthy and natural because hello! one ingredient, but its also soo cost effective. One jar for around$10? Not too shabby. Because I literally bathe in it now (yes, I use it as an in-shower moisturizer) I can go through a jar pretty quick, but even with all that use I typically buy 1 jar per month.

So besides the others mentioned I always love to use coconut oil as an awesome all over moisturizer, lip balm, hair mask, oil pulling(post on this next week!), toothpaste (when mixed with baking soda!!), and a hydrating foot treatment. Do yourself a favor, and buy a jar!

Okay, I’m off to go toss out every other beauty product I no longer need. Happy oiling!


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10 comments on “Why I’m obsessed with Coconut oil…and why you will be too!
  1. Alexandra @ Made to Glow says:

    I’ve always considered using coconut oil as a full-time moisturizer but never bit the bullet and did it. Now, I feel inspired :) Also, the part about the undereye got me – I’m always trying to take care of that skin because mine is so sensitive – can’t wait to try coconut oil on it, especially during the cold winter months. Thanks!

  2. Beverley @ sweaty&fit says:

    Ooo coconut oil literally is a miracle that was given to us!! That stuff works for everything and now i can add make up remover to the list. thank you!! i’ve used to before to get hair removal wax off my skin and it works like a charm :)

  3. Natalie @ A Fit Philosophy says:

    I’ve heard about many benefits of coconut oil, but this one is new to me! I’ve been looking for an eye cream and they’re all sooooo expensive! I will certainly be giving this a try :) Thank you!

  4. Lauren | Just a Pinch says:

    I really think coconut oil is an all-purpose oil! (It reminds me of the windex from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ 😉 ) I used it to cool the burn on my hands when I cut a really hot jalepeno. I couldn’t believe it actually worked!

  5. Jess @hellotofit says:

    I love cooking with coconut oil, and am waiting until I use up all of my regular body lotion to start using it after I shower :)

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