Chic & Cute: Halloween on a budget!

Okay, I warned you all.

Keep it Real Clean has officially undergone the Halloween/Fall takeover. First it was pumpkins, now its halloween decorations. I am not messing around.

Cute Chic Halloween Decorations| Keep it Real Clean

Last year, I decorated for Christmas…barely, but I felt like that was enough because we had really just gotten our house together. This year. No excuses.

But, then again, I am not a full on bloody guts and gore kind of Halloween decorator. Not only am I not interested in that…um, hello? In my kitchen? Unnecessary, but I also still want to keep up with my regular decor. I like to keep it light and airy, but still looking cute for the season.

Cute Chic Halloween Decorations| Keep it Real Clean

My goal was to keep the decorations looking cute and seasonal, but NOT break the bank. Naturally, I started with a quick Pinterest look to see what kind of style I was going for, and of course…it lead me to some super cute online places, but no way was I willing to pay the prices they wanted. Let’s be real. These decorations are for one month. Not a life time.

Cute Chic Halloween Decorations| Keep it Real Clean

I started at Target…but not in the regular aisles, but the dollar bins and, oh man did I score something cute. I found these adorable pumpkin buckets and I love them! I’m planning to stick them in my windows on halloween with a candle in them, rather than having a carved pumpkin. Love pumpkins, but I can’t lie. Living in a small space and having a carved pumpkin hang out for a month can lead to some…interesting smells. Eh, not my fav.

Cute Chic Halloween Decorations| Keep it Real Clean

Next, I hit up the Dollar store to grab some cute orange candles. Yes, I know it can be SO tempting to spend $20-30 dollars on that Pumpkin Cheesecake Milkshake Vanilla Crumbcake etc candle, but let’s be real…do you really want your house to smell like that indefinitely? (I mean, its totally cool if you say yes here…). I hit up the Dollar store and found a bunch of yummy smelling Pumpkin Cinnamon candles that I swapped with my typical plain white in these cute candle holders. Easy swap with a Autumn flair.

Cute Chic Halloween Decorations| Keep it Real Clean

I had just stopped to check out the candles, but ended up picking up this cute spider web basket as a Halloween “flavored” center piece for our kitchen table. Fortunately, it was $1…unfortunately, it was neon purple when I bought it. Nothing a little left over spray paint couldn’t fix. Now I have this cute, neutral basket for the table. Girl can do no wrong.Cute Chic Halloween Decorations| Keep it Real Clean

I also was able to find these cute little knit pumpkins to sprinkle around the house. I love that they are perfect for not only Halloween, but also for all of the fall season. Talk about seriously budget friendly! So, how about you all? Do you like to spruce up your decor for holidays? Stick with your style or change it up? Tell meeee.



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2 comments on “Chic & Cute: Halloween on a budget!
  1. Kristin says:

    These are so cute! I love the Target Dollar spot, I always get into so much trouble there…

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