Back on track: Getting motivated!

Ohh this is awkward. Remember about a month and a half ago when I came back after an unexpected hiatus? And remember when I said, I was back and ready to go? Eh, turns out I hadn’t gotten it all out of my system just yet. But, now I’m back! This summer has been kooky. I was thinking once fall got under way and we got back into our normal swing of things I’d be back and ready to go….but it turns out the fall is looking just as busy! We are super fortunate to have good friends living nearby as well as good friends that will come see us or invite us to do fun things…but then again that leaves little down time for a little thing called blogging. Oops.

Back on Track: Getting motivated! | Keep it Real Clean

Also, considering life has been so crazy busy these last few weeks…no, actually months…I have also had a rough time getting in my workouts and keeping up with healthy meals. First things first, time to get back that motivation. I decided to divide this all up into a 3 part series because…well, it can a feat to get back on track so we’re going to need some space to chat.

Back on Track: Getting motivated! | Keep it Real Clean

You feel like poo.

Okay, first…you can’t expect to get back to working out without a little bit of motivation, right? Right. Honestly, I think the biggest motivator for wanting to get back to feeling healthy is feeling like crap. You wake up in the morning and your stomach is in knots, you walk to the mailbox and you’re basically out of breath…whatever it may be take that as your wake up call that its time to get back to finding a little health in your life.

Refine your picture.

Everyone seems to have a different definition of what healthy is to them. Maybe its downing chia seed pudding while going to yoga 7 days a week and chugging apple cider vinegar while rubbing coconut oil on your eye lids (maybe?…but I kind of hope not). Or, maybe for you its hitting the gym 3-4x per week, running a few times, drinking lots of water and making heathy food choices? Whatever it may be, decide what your “picture” of health may be and then go for it. Its way easier to set yourself up for success with health when you know what that truly means.

Back on Track: Getting motivated! | Keep it Real Clean

Tough love.

So, maybe you decide “yes” to healthy, define the idea and then…boom. fail. You can’t seem to get yourself to follow through. Instead of thinking of what you should be doing, think of what it would feel like if you didn’t take ownership right now? How will you feel in 2 hours after a skipped workout? 2 days? 2 weeks? I mean, don’t beat yourself up, but try to think about how instead of skipping your 20 minute jog now, you could go now and be done in 20 then onward with life without any guilt. Honestly, I know its cheesy, but the only bad workout is one that doesn’t happen!

Plan B.

When all else fails, go to Lululemon, buy some new workout clothes and get your booty to the gym. Yes, I know they can be comfy to lounge in, but no. Just no.

Back on Track: Getting motivated! | Keep it Real Clean

So, go forth! Be motivated. And be ready to hear more about how you can make a workout plan and stick with it!



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2 comments on “Back on track: Getting motivated!
  1. Kristin says:

    I completely understand how new clothes can help, haha! I just bought new shoes and it was exactly what I needed to get going again!

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