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Clean those brushes…Naturally!

Clean Your Make Up Brushes Naturally  Keep it Real Clean

So, fall. I’m not sure about you all, but there’s something about fall that makes me NEED to clean. Okay, yes yes Spring Cleaning…I know, I know. Everyone is all about that, but there is something about the fall that makes me so happy to be able to spend a Sunday with a crockpot cooking away and me knee deep in a pile of clutter to sort through. This past weekend, I decided to sort through all of my make up and chuck out a bunch of stuff. While I sorted through about 84 lip smackers (yes, I know…whatever, I’m

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Hostess with the mostess…and stuff.

Toasted Baguette with Fresh Bruschetta

Well, good morning friends! So, now that we are actually kind of staying in one place for a bit, as in not traveling and bopping around every second we aren’t working, I’ve been getting back into fun apps at home. I love having friends over for a drink and an app before heading out on a Saturday night. The other week, we decided to have a few friends over before going out for a friend’s going away party. Since we knew we’d be going out to the bar we wanted to have something in our stomachs, but nothing too too

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Back on track: Getting motivated!

Getting motivated!

Ohh this is awkward. Remember about a month and a half ago when I came back after an unexpected hiatus? And remember when I said, I was back and ready to go? Eh, turns out I hadn’t gotten it all out of my system just yet. But, now I’m back! This summer has been kooky. I was thinking once fall got under way and we got back into our normal swing of things I’d be back and ready to go….but it turns out the fall is looking just as busy! We are super fortunate to have good friends living nearby

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