Give it a break: Losing that all or nothing attitude.

Okay friends. I have been mulling over this post for months…no, I have been thinking about this post since I started Keep it Real Clean.

Give it a break Losing that all or nothing attitude.

Most people that I work with, alot of my good friends, and a good chunk of my family have no idea that I create as many people refer to it, a “food blog” or a “fitness blog”(…I prefer for Keep it Real Clean to be recognized as a Lifestyle blog…that includes food and fitness, but then again, those in my opinion should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle, but I digress…). Its not that I don’t wish to tell them or would like to keep it a secret. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure it would be something that I would stick with and wanted to first, “feel out the waters” before telling a bunch of people, but as time went on and I realized how much I really loved being able to share little tips, tricks, and stories from my life, I decided to start sharing with more people.

A good chunk of those people were excited and interested to learn more about my blog. Many of them tell me now they love reading it and have tried a few recipes or workouts that I’ve posted which is awesome! A little step towards healthy is a great step even if its “tiny” thats better than nothing! Another group of people that I shared it with instead, took it as a way to “judge” the rest of things I choose to do in my life. I don’t mean for this to sound angry, or upset, but honestly, this is basically just another way for people to…buzz phrase alert…bully the balance.

Keep it Real Clean| Losing the All or Nothing Attitude

I can’t even tell you how many times a week, or even a day, that I hear some compilation of “wait, WHAT. You’re eating THAT?!! Um, I thought you had a FOOD BLOG!?!” or “I thought you were supposed to be healthy”. Others aren’t as…abrasive…but still feel the need to point out when I’m eating, drinking, or doing something that they feel doesn’t correlate with their idea of what health may be…comments like, “Well, better not show your followers that!” or “Keep that off instagram!” can be just as hurtful, or jarring.

The whole concept of health that I am attempting to portray is that life is about balance. If you want a donut, eat it. If you want ice cream, eat it. If you want a hot dog, eat it. Just make smart decisions about portion sizes (one hot dog, a green salad, with watermelon and a bottle of water is a smarter picnic option rather than 2 hotdogs, potato salad, potato chips, and a soda). And, make smart decisions about the other “elements” of your day.


I like to look as all the decisions I make in my day as a step towards, or away from my health and fitness goals. A step towards the goals would include; going running or joining a fitness class, choosing water versus another drink, cooking a healthy, colorful dinner at home, etc. Steps away from goals would include; going out and having way too much to drink, “binge” eating a bunch of crap, etc. But, there are also more abstract steps towards or away from your goals.

For example, not getting enough sleep, getting super stressed and not attempting to control it, or speaking/thinking negatively about another person are all ways that you push yourself further from your goals. Taking time to enjoy time with your friends and family (yes, that may include eating a hotdog here or there, or drinking a glass of champagne), keeping your thoughts and heart optimistic, or taking a time out just for yourself are ways to contribute yourself towards healthier, smarter decisions.


Its frustrating to think about when I make healthy decisions and attempt to share them with others, and it instead backfires and people then feel as though they can judge every decision I make regarding lifestyle. People, lets be real, when you make a decision to lead a healthy lifestyle do you really think that means you are never going to drink another sip of alcohol, or taste another piece of cake? Um, maybe you did, but definitely not me.

Life is too short, and with too many other restrictions to then begin piling on more unnecessary restrictions from yourself. Whats going to happen if you “cave” and choose to eat that forbidden food? At least for me, I previously would think, WELL, I already RUINED everything else so might as well eat potato chips, and ice cream, and this and that because whats the point of trying to rein it in now? Now, I “treat” myself almost everyday, but instead of looking at it as a treat I look at it as a way to maintain balance.


I wanted to share this with you all, not as a UM, Please stop judging my instragram pictures of donuts, but instead as  way to explain what balance means to me, and to inspire others to realize its okay to let yourself live a little. Life is short. Enjoy the moments, because honestly, I really doubt that you will be laying on your death bed thinking, “Ugh, I shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream back in 2015” Well, I mean…unless its the ice cream that got you 😉

Have a wonderful day friends!


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4 comments on “Give it a break: Losing that all or nothing attitude.
  1. Dronile H. says:


    I love your mindset! I totally understand and agree with you! When I first started documenting my lifestyle change on Instagram and on my blog I was terrified to show the treats I was eating because I myself thought it showed a lack of control/dedication to my readers. Expecting to be extremely rigid does not work for everyone (for me, restricting resulted in bingeing) and I realized moderation is so necessary when you’re trying to make big life changes! I would hate to go the rest of my life without a donut or a slice of Pizza!

    I wish more people would realize that “Food Policing” is ridiculous, because one person’s idea of healthy isn’t always the same as another’s. Hopefully your post helps them see that!
    –The Little Dominican

  2. katie says:

    Great post, Colleen! People are weird, and I’m glad you don’t let it bother you. Balance is key – eat the donut! :)

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Haha, you’re right! I think thats the main take away…balance is key! Or, you just become a hangry donut monster. It happens. I swear!!

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