Life Lessons Lately: Enjoying the little things.

Hi friends!! Summer time is the best time. Honestly, can we just have summer forever? I’m not sure if its because this winter was so cold, or if its because we’re getting closer to our wedding, whatever it might be I have been just loving this summer so much. We had a super busy few months February to June. It made for a crazy Spring, but it has also made for a lovely July. Our calendar had been packed, but July has truly been lovely. Yes, we are still busy, but busy with great things…Ugh, cocktails at the beer garden? An outside bootcamp? Perusing the farmer’s market? Fine, if I must 😉


I think the busy chaos of the Spring time and then the low key, yet busy time that we have now has really been wonderful and has taught me a new lesson. Anyone else constantly amazed by the new things you learn everyday?

IMG_8968Okay, I don’t mean that in like a Hallmark card kind of way, but really. I’m constantly just amazed by how much more you know from one week to the week. The lessons you learn…like that your Mom really was right…Don’t tell her just yet though 😉


I swear. Maybe its because I’m 26, or maybe its because we are on the cusp of a major life change…but whatever it may be, I’m just constantly amazed by how much you learn each day. Its kind of one of those things where you just don’t know what you don’t know.


Does that make sense at all? I just mean you can totally go from thinking, “Okay I’ve got this all figured out, everything makes sense” to then one little tiny thing changes and suddenly it’s like everything you thought before is out the window, replaced by a completely different picture.


Early this Spring, I was starting to feel like I “lost my rose colored glasses”. I tend to be a pretty optimistic person (not sure if you’ve picked up on it…I mean I use emojis on the reg…and so wish I could it here too winky faces don’t do me justice ;-)). Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been starting to lose sight of the happy and instead was being burdened by negativity.


I started to feel like I had just been naive before and now I was suddenly figuring out how the rest of the world really saw it, but lately I’ve decided I’m not going to let that happen. Nope, the world is full of enough negativity without letting more into your life.


Over the few years, my family has gone through some terrible losses. Each one has rocked us all each time, but they have also taught us an incredible lesson each time. I remember after one situation happened I was sitting with my mom and we were just trying to wrap our minds around what had happened. She was standing in her room and we both were just talking about how things had changed and it ended up morphing into us exchanging stories. Out of something horrible, came something great. A reminder to enjoy all the little things, expect miracles and do what makes you happy.

Over the past few months, I seem to have lost sight of the lessons that I have been taught by life thus far, but I think the recent calmness that’s set back into life has been a reminder to me. Afterall, life is short! Might as well enjoy it and I’m fortunate to have some fun things happening thus far. I mean, who can say no to an afternoon at the beer garden? Not me :-) So, meet me there? Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


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2 comments on “Life Lessons Lately: Enjoying the little things.
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I would really love to get together with you one of these days! I love your positive outlook. I know I have grown more pessimistic the older I get, and I need to get out of that awful mindset! I love the summer, wish it would never end!

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