An afternoon at the Market

Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having a lovely week. So I wanted to touch base again about my change up lately. I hope that you all are okay with the major change up in posting schedule and frequentcy. I was starting to get a little stressed about posting and started to feel like I was just churning out content just to get it done versus really writing when something inspired me. I love having an outlet to connect with other like minded people and share my tips and tricks with others, but in an effort to keep it positive and enjoyable for everyone I needed a little change up. Not to say it might not go back to a similar schedule when things calm down (projected timeline for less crazy? Eh…TBD) but at this point this is what’s best for this little lady. 

So, speaking of things that make me happy and slightly less stressed I wanted to share some pictures with you all from a recent trip to the Reading Terminal Market. I decided a few weeks ago to forgo my regular grocery shop and head to the market to grab just a few things and to to try out my new camera. Let’s not forget I’m over here all amateur, upgrading from an iPhone to a big kid camera, but I thought I’d share some pictures with you all. The goal was to capture just a little glimpse of all that they have but honestly I had about 117 other pictures that I nixed for whatever reason so you should probably make a trip to check out this lovely market. It’s so yummy and smells like HEAVEN (expect near the fish!)

Hope you enjoy them and can enjoy this new potentially bumpy ride! Thanks for sticking with me!! 














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