Balanced and Bold: Meet Jillian!

Happy Thursday!! I’m so excited to share with you all the next blogger as a part of my blogger series, Balanced and Bold! Here goes nothing. Let’s get right into it! Meet Jillian from the Peanut Butter and Jillie!

Balanced and Bold Jillian

Alrighty girl! So, tell us about yourself.

I’m a 25 year old young professional, living in Philadelphia, working a 9-to-5 job in corporate finance for a major healthcare company. I’m obsessed with reality TV (really anything on BRAVO. I will always make time to catch up on my Real Housewives), avocados (I mean, who isn’t these days!?), Bulletproof coffee, pugs (I hope to have one someday) and economics. Oh man, I’m a real gem if you ask me!


I LOVE BRAVO. Oh man. Best. So, tell me about your spot on the internet.

Peanut Butter & Jillie is a space devoted to my passion around a real, whole-food diet and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I write about completing two rounds of Whole30 and transitioning to a JERF (just eat real food) diet, discovering my sensitivities to dairy, trying out healthy spots in my city as well as other resources out there for the very busy. I will admit, I’m never the serious health blogger. My posts are littered with GIFs, sass and sarcasm because to me, health shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun!

Haha, Love that. So, why were you inspired to start your blog?

I have had and always will have a huge passion for creating delicious and nourishing dishes to share with friends and family. I’ve always been the type of person who will invite you over for dinner because I so much want to share my food with others! (Colleen, consider this your invite!!)  Since I have friends and family that aren’t always close by, I wanted to create a space where they could be able to easily recreate the recipes I have made. I also wanted to show others how one can easily create a healthy lifestyle that works for them. Working in corporate finance, I see a lot of people who get take-out for every/ single. one. of their meals and complain about how they don’t have enough time to hit the gym. While I completely resonate with how busy people in my field can be, I want to be a resource for those who are looking to create a routine that won’t take a lot of time that will leave them with lasting healthy benefits


Well, it certainly sounds looks like you’re quite the busy bee! How do you fit in blogging into your life?

BARELY. Welp that’s not really a great answer now is it? With blogging comes a lot of what I would like to call, hustling. It takes much more time than most people will ever admit. I will never force myself to post just for the sake of posting something. No one wants to read content that was obviously thrown together – there’s enough garbage out there on the internet! For me, I’ll usually carve out some time either during lunch at work or early before I hit the office – since it’s something I am so passionate about and enjoy so much, I will hustle my little booty to find time!

That’s a great mentality to have. No one wants to read crap! So, what about working out? How do you fit in your workouts?

I schedule my workouts like I schedule another meeting or appointment. I’m less likely to blow it off! I’m very fortunate to work for a company that values the health of their employees, so my company has wonderful fitness facilities on site. If I know that a day at the office isn’t going to be extremely hectic, I’ll block off time on my calendar and go down to the gym. Otherwise, I’ll usually workout in the evenings. As much as I’ve tried to do the early morning workout routine, it just doesn’t jive with my body. But if I know that it’s going to be a week where I might need to stay late and can’t find time in my calendar to use my corporate gym, I’ll make the sacrifice and wake up early to make sure to get in a good workout!


Whats your typical workout schedule like?

I love workout classes. Nothing motivates me more! I usually will go to Bodypump (my absolute favorite class of them all!) 1-2 times a week and spinning another 1-2 times a week. Between classes I usually try to fit in a run. Right now I’m between races, so I’ve been trying to make sure to get in a few good runs to stay in good racing shape!

Body pump!! I’ve been meaning to try that out. What about balancing healthy eating? Any tips for maintaining a healthy diet while keeping up with a busy lifestyle?

Definitely! I dedicated a whole section of my blog in my Backpack to Briefcase series to help the newly recruited corporate soldiers to transition into the business sphere without packing on the pounds like I did. Since weeks at the office can be as predictable as where lightning is going to strike, I suggest taking time on Sundays to plan, shop and prep meals for the week. With a fridge full of packed lunches and snacks, it leaves little guesswork to what to eat while at the office. If I know it’s going to be a week where I will be at the office past dinnertime, I’ll make sure to prep a few dinners too. Also, crockpots will be your new BFF. There have been times where I’ve worked “normal” hours but still felt so drained that I didn’t even want to look at even a microwave. Crockpots will bring you back to those wonderful moments of coming home from soccer practice with a cooked meal by your mom – except there will be no nagging from your mom to clean your room!


Crockpots are totally the best!! So amazingly helpful. How about other meals? Whats your favorite quick healthy recipe?

Anything with zucchini noodles (zoodles) – so versatile and they take less time to cook than regular pasta. DID YOU HEAR THAT GUYS? I can’t tell you how many people cook pasta because of how easy it is, but I kid you not, zoodles take less time and they’re so much better for you!


So, when you aren’t in the kitchen…or the gym…or at work…how do you like to relax?

I love getting my nails done. The place I go to in the city does a great job and they offer you a cocktail! Nothing is more relaxing than someone massaging and prettying up your nail beds while you sip on some bubbly. However I will say my boyfriend, Nick would say I don’t know how to do this, which I will say he is right. I can never just do nothing. I think that’s why I hate long car rides because I am stuck with little I can get done so I just default to catching up on sleep instead.

Goodness. I know! I feel you on the fail of actually relaxing. But…speaking of champagne…Whats your favorite cocktail of choice?

Oh golly, I love a good cocktail! My favorite will always be a Grey Goose vodka martini, up with not too much vermouth and a splash of olive juice. Some would call it a dirty martini, but I like don’t like mine too filthy! And don’t forget the olives as a garnish – that’s a must have. But don’t take me as a high maintenance gal, I’m perfectly happy with a beer too!


Thanks so much to Jillian for being a part of this series! Be sure to check out her blog, Peanut Butter & Jillie! Check it out her site for some lovely recipes, reviews and ideas for living a balanced, healthy life. Oh, and the little bit of sass is just as tempting to check out 😉 Be sure to check back soon for the next blogger in the hot seat!


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