4th of July Sips: Sour Cherry Sparklers!

Yes, yes…I know, the Fourth of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share a little treat with you all! We had a relatively low key 4th this year because I was on-call/working the whole weekend so that meant we couldn’t go too far from home. Luckily, we are fortunate to have our really good friends living super close to the city, but with the benefit of their amazing backyard. What says the Fourth of July more than a BBQ, some cocktails and a same of baggo? Okay…fireworks…but it was raining… 😉



Speaking of those cocktails, how cute are these!! My friend, Alyssa and I got cute and crafty in the kitchen whipping up these red, (kinda) white and blue drinks to cheers to ‘Merica. Super easy, and a good way to add in some produce in a creative way!IMG_1394

In my farm share last week, I got a whole bunch of sour cherries. I tried a few throughout the week, but considering they really were SOUR I couldn’t eat a big portion like I can with sweet cherries. I was thinking of whipping up a pie or a dessert, but who has time for that?! Instead, I used them to make a yummy cherry puree to add to our drinks. Be ready! Its a little tart, but oh, so good.



4th of July Sips! Sour Cherry Sparklers!

Sour Cherry Sparklers


– 2 cups sour cherries, pitted and washed

– 2 tsps sugar (you can add more if you want it a little sweeter!)

– Seltzer water

– Lemon Sparkling Water (you can also sub lemon juice!)

– 1-2 shots of liquor of choice. I choose vodka!


1. Place pitted, washed cherries into a small sauce pan. You will not need to add any water or additional liquid if the cherries were just washed! Let cook on medium for 2-3 minutes. Once they begin to form a liquid, add in sugar and keep stirring.
2. As they cook, continue to “mash” lightly. Once completed, pour mixture into blender and blend on high for 30-60 seconds, or until smooth. Next, you can let cool, or if you’re ready for some drankss now, add in ice cubes and blend again.
3. Pour into glasses, adding about half the cup full of puree.
4. Top with 1/2 seltzer, 1/2 lemon sparkling water. If you are subbing lemon juice, fill half the cup with selzter and then add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice depending on your preference.
5. Top with blueberries, a cute straw and a whole bunch of attitude. Heyyyy

IMG_1405How amazingly cute are these boards? Such a creative little couple!

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!!


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