Weekly Mantra…and an apology.

Soo, about this whole blogging thing. Sometimes I’m the worst. I was happy with how much I was working full time, writing for the blog, cooking every meal, working out, and balancing it all…until I wasn’t. We had a few super busy weeks followed by full weekends traveling. After a while, I was starting to feel exhausted, run down and stressed about how it was feeling impossible to do it all. Well, as you can see the thing that had to take a backseat was blogging. Then, things got a little better, and just slightly less crazy, but I still wasn’t able to get it back together with blogging. So this is kind of an apology? But, I also am still not sure how to get this all together, but I’m going to be flexible about it 😉 I’m thinking there may be some changes coming up about my layout and perhaps my posting schedule because trying to keep up with posting 5 times weekly was just crazy town. Sorry friends! I hope you can bear through the kookiness that is life with me! Enjoy your Sunday!
be flexible_keepitrealclean
Also, anyone other bloggers out there? Can you relate to trying to balance with a full time job and maintaining life? Any tips to help a girl out?

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4 comments on “Weekly Mantra…and an apology.
  1. Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed says:

    I never manage to blog on a regular schedule, but I just tell myself that it’s ok. The blog is fun and it does not need to be another source of stress in my life.

  2. Sam @ Pursuit of Healthy Happiness says:

    Girl, I so feel you right now! Life has been insane and sometimes it just seems that there is now way to keep up with it all. Take the break from blogging if you need it. Recharge. And when you come back it’ll be that much better. Also, maybe we should do a “no-blogging” happy hour date?

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