On the Move: Airport Workout!

Happy Thursday!! Lately, we’ve been traveling almost every weekend and while traveling can often be a hard thing for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only can it totally rock your diet and sleep, but your workouts can be totally lost along with your checked bags. Three weeks ago we went to San Francisco and I was nervous. Okay, I’ll definitely admit, I’m not an amazing flier and the thought of a 6 hour flight was not something I was pumped about.

Aiport Workout  Keep it Real Clean

One thing that seems to help me to have a “happier” flight is to incorporate some movement. We typically get to the airport 2 hours early…my fiance likes to be prepared? for the flight which he decides means getting there super early for god knows why. Luckily, by getting there early I have plenty of time to get a healthy snack, fill up my water, and do some pre-flight activity. By doing some activity preflight not only do you get some blood pumping and use up some energy, but it can also help with decreasing some preflight stress jitters. Aiport Workout  Keep it Real Clean

Oh, and there is also HUGE reason to get in some activity throughout travel! Without getting too Dr. Colleen here (because, well..I’m not a doctor), but one super scary reason that you want to keep the blood pumping while traveling is that by sitting for an extended time travelers are at an increased risk for blood clots, specifically deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Granted not all that travel are at the same risk of developing a DVT (you can read more about who is at an increased risk here!), but it is important to keep it moving during the flight can decrease overall chances. Not too mention you’ll feel better when you land!

Aiport Workout  Keep it Real Clean

Alright, so I’m not telling you to be a kooky crazy person that is decked out in a sweat band rocking some dumbbells through security (I mean unless you want to…), but getting in a little activity pre-flight and mid-flight can be super easy (and discreet!). I mean, no one can tell if you’re adjusting your purse (10-15x) or doing bicep curls, right? 😉

Aiport Workout  Keep it Real Clean

Try this workout next time you travel for a happier, healthier flight! Oh, and check out these other travel related posts for travel essentials (try here! oh, or here!!). Can’t wait for my next trip. Love live the weekend wanderer 😉


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