Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE.

Happy Friday!! Not sure about you all, but I am more than ready for the weekend to be here. This week was totally exhausting and I’m ready for a break. Also! I’m super excited because I have another weekend trip planned. I’ll be headed home for some wedding activities for a friend and some much needed family time. I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be going this spring…wait, are we in summer, yet? eh, whatever. I can’t believe how quickly this summer seems to be going! It seems like it just got here and whoosh, its moving along!

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to figure out a time to go over to a friends house to see their new kitchen and I realized our calendar is PACKED, like to the brim! I could barely find a time that we had a few hours open let alone an entire night so we can actually have some quality (read this: cocktail!!!) time. Luckily, we were able to sync our calendars enough to time to get together. Can’t wait! Amazing how you have to schedule stress-free time, right? Kind of an oxymoron 😉

Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE. | Keep it Real Clean

So, speaking of summer…I wanted to share with you some things I’ve already been enjoying…and things I’m looking forward to for this summer!

1. Being a weekend wander

My friend, Tim, pointed out to me the other day that with all of my trips lately I have become a “weekend wander”. I can’t lie. I love it. I love the idea of heading away for the weekend, not only does it give you something to look forward to all week, but it also seems to extend the summer by packing in a whole bunch! Already this summer we’ve taken trips to San Francisco and Atlantic City. I’m looking forward to heading home to Upstate NY, Boston in June and down the shore for all of August!

Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE. | Keep it Real Clean

2. Whipping out the Summer Wardrobe

Bikinis, Sundresses, Shorts, Tanks, Sandals, oh mannn. I’m all about summer clothes. How can you not be into a cute eyelet dress or a crop top (worn with high waisted shorts, obvi…#conservative ;))? All about it. Oh, also. Best thing that we can skip 27 layers every time we go outside. Best. thing. ever. (Oh, p.s. in case you missed what clothes I’m craving for the summer check out this post!

3. Fresh, Yummy, Seasonal Food

No surprise here. I like to cook. Didchaknow? I love the amount of amazing produce you can get in the summer. I love love love how fresh the food tastes and I love that I can get wayyy more local options, especially when using my CSA. (oh, ps…I’ll be posting about the CSA next week! Look for it!) I also just love being able to enjoy eating outside for any meal of the day! Eating lunch and working on a project? Um. Winning.

Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE. | Keep it Real Clean

4. Keeping the toes CUTE

Let’s never, ever talk about winter toes. Forget the bad, remember the good, right? I love having a reason to get a pedicure…or do one at home! Whats a better reason than keeping cute toes to show off in summer sandals?

5. Cycling Commute!

SOO last year I was all about biking. I would use my bike constantly and was amazed by how much quicker I could get to work or finish my errands. Winter hit and I was wayy too nervous about my new urban biking skills to venture out in the snow and ice. Happy to report I’m back to the bike with my helmet (of course)! Oh, and I’m super sassy about it…#sorryImnotsorry

Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE. | Keep it Real Clean
Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE. | Keep it Real Clean

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!! So your turn, whats on your summer calendar??


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