Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad!

Jicama. Upon first hearing the name you may mistake it for a sneeze. (Bad joke, sorry.) But, its actually a super yummy, root vegetable. I first tried it last year when it came in my CSA. Not only was I a little confused about this weird potato/onion thing that I pulled out of the box, but I was also a stumped about what I was supposed to do with it. Since our old CSA was a choice CSA, we typically knew what was coming in each box. There were a few occasions that we would still get a random vegetable or fruit if your choice was gone, or if there was a huge surplus of a certain crop despite your choices.

Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad!

Naturally, I took to the internet to figure out what the heck it was, and what the heck to do with it. I actually think my search was something along the lines of “potato turnip root vegetable thing”. Most likely. Most definitely. My fiance always mocks lovingly disapproves of the way that I use Google…Wait, you can’t just type on random questions and expect an response? Lies. I do it all the time. What time is the sun setting in Philadelphia? What are they best trail running shoes? Can you swim in the Schuylkill River…and would you want to? All valid questions and 97% of the time I find an answer without even clicking a link. Winner.
Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad!
Well, happy to report once again this search worked. Clearly others are on my side…maybe he could learn something from me 😉 I found out this smooth, weird thing was called Jicama (pronouced hick-a-ma). and that it was actually a fruit. Maybe you’re reading this right now saying, “um? yeah. duh?” But, I’m sure there is another person saying, “Oooh, thats what that is!” so lets all just board this jicama train together now, shall we? Great.
 Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad!
This year, I decided to venture out and buy some jicama rather than hoping it would show up in my CSA. After all, we are all the masters of our own…kitchen? Or something like that. I whipped up this yummy jicama salad just to share with you all so that you too can feel empowered by not only knowing what it is, but also what the heck to do with it. Just combine all of the ingredients, let sit for 20 minutes chilled and tah dah! Eat as a side, or use as a dip.
Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad!
Oh, ps…in this version I used radish instead!

Hope you enjoy!

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2 comments on “Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad!
  1. Sam @ Pursuit of Healthy Happiness says:

    Ohmygosh, I loooove your bad jokes. They actually make me laugh out loud. And also with google…I do the same thing. And was actually wondering your same exact question about the Schuykill…still unsure about that one.

    Anyway, your recipe looks awesome! I think I may try it out when I attempt to make veggie chips soon. Thanks :)

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