Weekly Mantra: Be happy.

Happy Sunday!! Hoping you all are having a wonderful, relaxing and happy Memorial Day weekend. Today the day is about honoring those that made the amazing sacrifice of fighting to maintain our freedom. We are fortune to be able to have this day, and all others, to be able to enjoy our freedom and do ultimately what we want to be able to do. Thank you to all the men and women who gave their lives for our country.

Its amazing to be able to celebrate amazing weekends with friends and family. I love weekends like this where the “priority” is being with friends, having fun and relaxing. Lately, I have been trying to remind myself of these things…you know? things that make you happy. I like to think of myself as a pretty happy person, but just as everyone else, I have my down days. The other day at work one of my coworkers commented that I seemed “not like myself”. Granted we had just gotten back from our trip and I was most definitely still jet-lagged, but not being happy is blah. Not only does it make you feel “not like yourself” but it also impacts the way that others feel around you. I know for me I’m like a sponge. If others are unhappy or stressed around me I absorb those feelings.

When I was little and I would be upset, my Dad would just say, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Considering I was 4 this made perfect sense. Of course it can be that simple. As I got older, I would think, “yeah, yeah okay okay…whatever. i’m happy…blah” but didn’t actually stop to think about how simple it can be to change your outlook. Instead, I would throw that in my back pocket, and worry more about whatever the situation was, rather than stopping to think I was in charge to change my situation. So, in the words of Bob Marley…

Don't worry.  Keep it Real Clean


Oh, p.s. if you can’t get it together play some Bob Marley…all about Buffalo Solider, One Love, Jammin’, and of course, Don’t worry be happy.


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