Friday Faves: Best Photography Pins!

Happy Friday! Lately, I have been using the power of Pinterest to learn something new. Let’s be honest when you’re looking to learn something what do you do? You power up your computer or grab your phone and punch it in google, or scour Pinterest…after all, the best things are free, right? Right.

Friday Faves Best Photography Pins!

As per my New Year’s Bucket list (Curious? Read it here…oh, and here!!!), I’ve been trying to get more into Photography, not only for my blog life, but also real life, but then again…they are basically one in the same. 😉 I initally started reading a whole bunch about photo editing and the crazy expensive equipment that you NEED in order to take and edit good pictures. But, not only is this not realistic, its not time efficient for me at all. Its impossible for me to devote tons and tons of hours to my blog (even though I love it so) everyday. Its just not going to happen. If I set myself up for this expectation, not only will I get totally crazy stressed when I can’t keep up, but I’ll also most likely start despising it all together.

Instead, I’ve decided to go about learning about Photography in a better way. Instead, I’m looking it the same way that I did for blogging, as a new, fun, exciting hobby. If you can’t find time to do your hobby do you get stressed? Most likely not. Do you want to find time to do it more? Most likely yes. And, do you then prioritize it and find time? Yes, ma’am. Okay, back to the main topic at Tour de Pinterest for photography help. Lately, I have been loving these pins I have found on beginner photography tips. There are TONS more out there, and maybe even better ones, but I just thought for me right now I was all about these. In the future, I might check out aphotography class online or in person, but for the mean time…Pinterest is just what I need :-)
2. Super Beginner Photography Tips from Jade & Oak
3. A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop Actions from My Belle Michelle
5. 10 Ways to take Better iPhone Photos from Vivienne McMaster Photography…because let’s be honest you can’t beat the convenience of your phone.

IMG_8246Happy Snapping!


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  1. Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner says:

    Stopping by-heard about you from Janelle. Look forward to connecting with you.Perhaps you will join our Meatless Monday linkup sometime.

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