Get the most out of that race!

Here we are at the height of race and sign up season. Everywhere you look it seems to be that someone is finishing a race (go you!) or encouraging you to join for the next race…well, I’m going to be doing both of those things today. 😉 If you decide to sign up for that race, make sure you do the most you can to really squeeze the most out of that race!

How to get the most from your race  Keep it Real Clean

1. Pick a race that interests you.
So just like picking a pair of shoes, this is a personal decision. If you’re looking to get motivated to run a race you need to pick one that will interest you. Maybe its in an exotic location? Or just down the street in your neighborhood? The location itself could be enough to intrigue you to want to get in on that race. If its not about the destination, maybe it can be about the cause or a great theme? The Hot Chocolate Races are not only awesome and fun in spirit starting at the expo and throughout the race, but also end in chocolate. Win, win.
2. Find a buddy to run wit
Looking for a little bit more motivation then just a travel destination? Find a race buddy. Not only is it great cardio to chit chat while running, but it also can serve as quite a great distraction to really increase the mileage. Even better, if your buddy joins for the race you share in a fun experience together.
3. Train for it.
Okay, this might be obivious, but if you really hope to get the most out of race, you may want to train for it. Not saying you need to devote everyday to running, but you should make an effort to find an follow a training plan that would be appropriate for your current level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.), your race distance, and the time frame you have to train.
Get the most out of your race! | Keep it Real Clean
4. Pick a goal
Now this is obviously just a suggestion, not saying everyone needs to pick a time goal, but it can be uber motivating to try to beat that clock when you choose your race. Just keep in mind, your goal could also be something casual like, finish the race still running, or a little more carefree, like just have fun!
5. Eat brunch.
Or lunch, or dinner, or drinks! Can’t lie. I have definitely been running and my only thought is, I can’t wait for this to be over so I can have a mimosa. Make some post race plans with other running buddies. No worries about the post race sweat, after all everyone is doing it 😉 Honesly, there is nothing like a no-shower happy hour with food to refuel after a race. Might as well earn it!
6. Have an post race plan.
After the race, you’re hopefully feeling like, WOW. I’m amazing. While you’re still on that high take this time to make a plan for future races. Find another race of a similar distance, or ramp it up if you’re ready for that. I find that when I sign up for something soon after I finish a race I stick to my pre-race training plan much more flawlessly than I do when I try to ramp up after an extended break.
Get the most out of your race! | Keep it Real Clean

Hope you find a race to motivate you, just think…Mimosas 😉Signature

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2 comments on “Get the most out of that race!
  1. Jillie says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who will go an entire race mentally paging through a menu of options in my head! I’m basically the horse with a carrot in front of my face…except it’s usually a cheeseburger.

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      HAHA, NOPE! Starting out? I’m thinking okay…egg whites…turkey bacon… At the end? MIMOSAS, FRENCH TOAST, ALLTHEFOOD.

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