Chocolate milk…without all of the crap!

Mmmm, chocolate milk. You cannot go wrong. Whether you’re all about cow, goat, cashew, almond, soy…whatever milk you choose, not many can argue that adding in chocolate makes it amazing. Chocolate milk is often hailed as the perfect post race or post workout food. According to a study recently published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, one serving of lowfat milk has been said to combine the perfect mix of carbs and protein in order to aid your muscles for the most ideal recovery. In an effort to be honest though, this study was paid for by the Milk means More which is run by American Dairy Association and Dairy Council of Michigan so just keep that in mind 😉

Chocolate milk homemade| WIthout the crap! | Keep it Real Clean

But, let’s be honest. Even if you’re not using chocolate milk as a post workout recovery drink, one could still enjoy a glass from time to time just to keep your chocolately fix, right? But, have you ever taken a gander at the back of a chocolate milk bottle? I’m sure you’re a smart cookie and read every food label, but just in case you missed it. Let me just show you what I recently saw on the back of a chocolate milk when I was shopping…

Chocolate milk homemade| WIthout the crap! | Keep it Real Clean

Yup. 10 ingredients. Um? Why. Ew. Shouldn’t it just say milk…and cocoa? I mean, all that other stuff isn’t necessary. Granted, when you buy chocolate milk from the store the milk needs to not only survive the process of making it to the store, and waiting on the shelf for you to buy it, but it also needs to look good by the time you get it. In order to stay looking cute and not like a bottle of chocolate separated sand art, milk needs to have ingredients added. One ingredient that is often added to chocolate milk is carrageenan. Carrageenan is a food substance that is extracted from seaweed to be used a thickener in many food items.

Chocolate milk homemade| WIthout the crap! | Keep it Real Clean

The research is inconclusive as to the safety factors associated with carrageenan use in food. Some studies find that it can lead to colitis-like disease impacting digestive health. It is worth to mention, that in Europe, carrageenan is not allowed to be utilized in any infant foods or formulas; however in the US we’re totally fine with it…fishy, eh? Without any conclusive studies, it doesn’t say that you need to 100% avoid it, but if you can? Why not?

Lately, I have been loving making my own chocolate milk at home and the benefits are totally worth it. Not only is it easy, avoid potential crap, but its also way more cost effective!

Chocolate Milk…without the crap!

1 1/2 cup milk (I used organic cow’s milk, but it will work with other types!)

1/2 tablespoon raw cocoa powder

1 tsp honey

1. Pour milk, cocoa, and honey into a blender cup.

2. Blend for 20-30 seconds. You can just shake, but its going to take some super power as it tends to seperate

3. Sip and love. If you choose to keep it for later, just give it a quick shake before you drink it!

Don’t forget to show me your milk mustache!


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