Friday Faves: Travel Craves.

As I write this posting I’m currently sitting on a plane off to San Francisco. YESS! I’m super excited. The trip was somewhat of a surprise, but I’m very excited we’ll heading back to such a great city. Two years ago, we went to SF for 5 days and had an amazing time. We went to Napa for a day, visited Alcatraz, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (twice!) and took a 12 mile bike tour (naturally ending at the Full House house, aka the Painted Ladies). I’m looking forward to visited this city again with the plan of diving deeper into the actual city. I would love to visit some smaller, local restaurants and explore more of the culture versus hit up the touristy spots. I won’t lie. Our last trip was amazing and I loved every minute, but I’m also glad we get these trip to really get to know the city.

Friday Faves  Travel Craves  Keep it Real Clean

As we were waiting in the airport terminal we were talking about upcoming trips and plans and surprisingly…not so much…but you get it ;-)…I have a crazy packed schedule for the next month or so. I’m traveling almost every weekend as well as have a full plate at work and a packed social calendar. I’m not complaining. Just stating the facts 😉 With this being said, I’m starting to really realize that I may need to invest in some better travel accessories.
 San fran -Travel Craves - Keep it Real Clean
Two years ago I got a super nice carry on as a Christmas gift and I was pumped. Like little kid on Christmas more with a puppy excited…okay, a puppy would be the ultimate, but I was still pretty pumped. A suitcase is a great gift. Considering I have a great suitcase I have been looking for other travel needs that I’ve been craving. Previously I shared my necessities for travel (you can check it out here!!) which was more of a list of my must-haves for comfortable travel. This list on the other hand is more a list of crave-able items that I wish I had for this trip!
Friday Faves  Travel Craves  Keep it Real Clean

Hidden Pocket Scarf

I’m sorry. This is a gem. What a smart idea. Its like the functionality of a fanny-pack meets the style of a pashmina. Also. You don’t have to say fanny pack. Ever again.

Personalized Passport Covers

Tears. I love these so much. Or at least the concept. Maybe its just because I’ve been in full on wedding planning mode lately or something, but I love the idea of a Mr & Mrs set. Would love it even more if we could get our initials. Sigh. This one is a close second!

Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

Okay, genius points for this one. I’m so tempted to buy this ASAP. I hate hate hate going through security and if you’re lucky enough to be pulled for a bag search, watching all of your stuff being touched. Ick.

Cashmere Pillow and Throw

This one is definitely not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right? For the mean time, I’ll stick with soft scarf and my fiance’s arm. There are worst things 😉

Go Toob Toiletry Bottles

I realized recently how much I spend on going out and buying small bottles of all of my favorite products. Instead of wasting money doing that, I think I need to invest in some of these bottles! I love that they are easy to fill, easy to label, and hard to spill!

Anyone live in or has traveled to SF? Anywhere we HAVE to check out? Hook me up!!


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