How often do you see these words? Every time you open Instagram someone seems to be posting a picture of their bikini body progress. Or, you jump on Facebook and someone is complaining about hitting the gym in the name of the summer months ahead. Or, you’re at a restaurant and overhear someone talking about how they CANNOT eat that because HELLLO, SUMMER!! Well, I think its all crap. Sorry. I’m not trying to bash anyone. At all. Not even a little, and I do think its great for people to make healthy, smart exercise and food changes based on the way that they know that it will impact their own body, but what I do despise? I hate hate hate when people seem to think that just because there is a threat of a bikini on the horizon suddenly you have to kick it into overdrive.
Granted, everyone is motivated by different things and honestly, if you are motivated to make healthy choices by that suit then go for it, but all I want to express is that not only do you not have to restrict and over work yourself to get that body, but you also do not have to wait until swim suit season is breathing down our necks. Afterall, your abdominals are for much much more than just helping you to strut around in that teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Right? Right.
Bikini Body Now. | Keep it Real Clean
Your abs, aka your abdominals, are important for your overall survial. Yup, you heard that right. Your abs are made up of 3 layers of muscle groups. All of these muscles make up the abdominal wall: external oblique, internal oblique, transverse abdominus and the rectus abdominals, Together,  these muscles form a “girdle” effect on your trunk in order to provide structure and support for your midsection. They, along with visceral fat, protect and insulate your vital organs. These muscles also aid in supporting your trunk so that you can maintain a little thing called upright posture. Oh righttt. That’s a good thing 😉
With all things considered, I totally understand that push (and hunt!!) for that bikini body workout, but all I want to do is encourage you to not only strive for the perfect instagram-worthy body, but also a strong supportive body for all months of the year. After all, if you keep up with the workout all year then its just a few tweaks for a stepped-up bikini body workout, rather than a full on battle with your body when the summer comes around.
Keep it Real Clean | Bikini Body Now
Check out this Bikini Worthy Core Workout below. You’ll need 1 5 to 20 lb dumbell depending on your fitness level.
 Bikini Body Now.  Bikini Worthy Core  Keep it Real Clean
This workout may have bikini in the name, but just keep in mind, you can do it with or without the threat of a bikini…instead focus on creating a strong, happy body that is ready for any season ;-)!
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6 comments on “BIKINI. BODY. NOW.
  1. katie says:

    amen sister!

  2. Sam @ Pursuit of Healthy Happiness says:

    Yes! Yes! Yaasss, girl!

    When I was working as a personal trainer that was one of my biggest pet peeves- People coming in before summer working for the ‘bikini bod’. Don’t get me wrong, I am so, SO, happy that they were making steps, I just wish it was for their health and own happiness, not to fit some cookie cutter body that was photoshopped. Plus, in my experience, my clients that made the most long lasting life changes had strong goals like becoming healthy, be able to play with soccer with their kids, or to get off their type II diabetic meds.

    Awesome post! LOVED it :)

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Thanks girl!! I feel like all you see is like quick, cheats to get there…Um, lets not! Also, I had no idea you were previously a Personal Trainer!

  3. Jillie says:

    PREACH! Health is best when it’s consistent!

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