Friday Faves: FOODS lately!

Happy Friday! So about this weather, right?? SO glad I asked for the cold to go away 😉 I don’t know about you all, but I swear when the warmer temps hit the oven shuts down at our house and I have NO interest in heating up our house to make dinner. Who wants to heat up the whole kitchen when it already feels like hot outside? Not this girl! I do however, still like to “cook” dinner every night and next week, I’m posting a whole bunch of my no-heat dinner ideas so make sure to check it out!

Anyone else feel like when the weather changes your regular foods seem to shift? Not only do I cut out alot of foods that are hot, but I seem to also seem to streamline so many meals. Lately, these have been my favorites!

1. Mint tea

YUM. I love some mint tea. In the winter, I was all about a cup of hot mint tea in the morning, but in the summer I love brewing up some mint tea and letting it cool. Not only was it still yummy, but cool and refreshing!

Friday Faves: Foods lately. | Keep it Real Clean

2. Beets

DROP A BEAT…I mean beet, but wait don’t drop it…just eat it. #terriblejoke. Lately, I have been loving beets, stewed, roasted, on salads…mix with a little goat cheese and boom, match made in heaven.

Friday Faves: FOOD lately! | Keep it Real Clean

3. Frothed milk

Okay, okay…I just said no hot foods…, every rule has an exception? I have been loving frothed milk lately. Not sure if its just that I can feel fancy (and lazy) and frugal at the same time, or if its just that I like to mix up my morning routine, but I’ve been loving it! Check out my post about how I make it at home!

Best Weekend| Keep it Real Clean| Frothed Milk

4. Sweet potato

I know, I know…sweet potatoes are so 10 months ago. Whatever. I still love them.

Friday Faves: FOOD lately! | Keep it Real Clean

5. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Packs

I have been a huge fan of Justin’s Almond butter for a while, but Hazelnut? UM. Yes. I love that is a blend of almonds and halzenuts. Think of it as an organic, slightly healthier Nutella? Nothing wrong with that. So…I may be guilty of eating it straight from the pack. Talk about a great post workout snack!

Friday Faves: FOOD lately! | Keep it Real Clean

We’re getting ready to take engagement pictures today and I’m SOO excited (and a little nervous?). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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