Quick Cheat! Frothed Milk

So this past weekend, I was craving a nice, frothy, wonderful coffee drink. You know, those wonderful, beautiful, frothy coffees from that adorable little shop in the city…but one flaw. I wanted nothing more than to not take a single step out of my house. All. Sunday. Long. Nope, sorry world. Not feeling it! After what has been a pretty kooky month I was finally happy to have a day that I had no plans, and no intentions to leave the house. The only flaw? I wanted that coffee. Bad.

Okay, I get it. There are worst things. Really? I live in the city. I could walk probably 2-3 blocks in either direction and come to a cafe that would easily be able to quench my cravings, but why when I can make it myself! I’m all about making my own food (as you may know ;-)….), but how does one do frothed milk at home without a fancy coffee machine or a milk forther? Answer: Magic…and a mason jar.

And, wah-lah! Look what happens!

Best Weekend| Keep it Real Clean| Frothed Milk

Want to know how to do it? Okay, just because I love you all, oh so much, I’ll share my secrets with you. Ready? Okay, first pour 1 cup of milk (any kind will do, but dairy milk tends to froth the best!) into the mason jar, screw on the lid, and shake that jar for 30-45 seconds…Seriously, shake it! After you shake it, unscrew the lid and place in the microwave. Heat and watch that froth grow! Keep an eye on it though because it’ll grow quicker than you think. Make sure to heat for 20-30 seconds 2-3 times until at desired temperature. Once you’re done frothing, add in whatever you like! Maybe a shot of espresso? a cup of coffee? a little bit of matcha green tea? Do it up. Not only will it save your pennies, but it’ll also save your need to leave the house 😉

Best Weekend| Keep it Real Clean| Frothed Milk

Ps. I did end up leaving the house that day…just to do a little shopping. Girl’s gotta shop 😉

Let me know if you try it out! Do you have any cheats that you use when you’re craving something yummy? do you have days where leaving the house is O-U-T?

Hope you enjoy it!


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2 comments on “Quick Cheat! Frothed Milk
  1. Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed says:

    I couldn’t agree more… sometimes I just do NOT want to go anywhere! I had no idea that you could froth milk this way. I wonder what coconut milk would do. Those flowers are beautiful :)

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Thank you!! :-) Try it out! I tried recently with canned coconut milk and it worked, but not sure how it would be with regular coconut milk.

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