Remedy those Chapped Lips!

UGH, chapped lips. Last week, I was battling chapped lips like crazy! Um, chapped lips in April? #notcute Chapped lips are a winter thing, right? Typically when you think of chapped lips, you typically think its caused by dehydration, right? Right. The remedy for dehydration is drinking more water, right? Right. Therefore, drinking more water will eliminate chapped lips, right? Wrong. Turns out there are actually multiple causes of chapped lips.

Remedy those Chapped Lips!  keep it Real Clean

Licking those lips!

Is it just me, but when your lips are chapped like crazy the best solution seems to be to lick your lips? Turns out licking your lips actually will perpetuate dryness as it strips away the oil from your lips.

Getting HOT.

Another cause of chapped lips can be excess heat exposure. Heat exposure can be related to eating/drinking foods that are too hot as the heat can lead to stripping away the natural oils that protect your lips from water loss. Heat exposure can also it can also be environmental excess heat exposure, such as the SUN. Just like you protect your skin from the sun, you should also protect those lips! Keep in mind that some people are sensitive to certain ingredients in lip balms so listen to your body and if it leads to more chapped lips something isn’t right 😉

Smacking gum.

Not all gum, but specifically mint gum can actually increase the possibility of chapped lips. Mint actually causes drying out and also causing stripping away of the protective oils on your lips.


Bah, ick. Smoking…add this one to the list of cons against smoking (as if there aren’t enough already), but smoking increases dehydration leading to not only chapped lips, but also bad breath.

Needing to visit the doctor

Hmm, chapped lips lasting a little too long? Maybe its time to take a closer look. Chapped lips could be an indicator of something more, including a vitamin deficiency or an underlying medical condition. Just make sure to check with your doctor if you have concerns!

So…now what?

Okay, so now we know what causes those chapped lips, but what do we do about it! Basically, the route cause of chapped lips is dehydration, but not just from not drinking enough water! Also, having chapped lips is actually a relatively normal occurrence, just like having dry skin. Totally normal, but also something easy that you can remedy.

Coconut oil | Beat those Chapped Lips| Keep it Real Clean

1. First things first, drink some water! Make sure you’re totally hydrated. Avoid drinking those drinks that can dehydrate you, such as coffee.

2. Moisturize! If lip balm works for you, use it! If you’re sensitive or you find that it makes no difference to those lips, instead try a moisturizing oil, such as avocado, coconut, or sesame oil! Make sure you choose organic to avoid any other “fillers” that may cause irritation. Raw honey can also be a good solution as is a natural antiseptic…just make sure it doesn’t make you want to lick those lips more!

3. Scrub, don’t peel! If your are peeling, avoid picking or pulling pieces of your lips. Instead, make an easy scrub to help exfoliate those lips without being too harsh. Try this easy lip scrub! Mix together 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with 1 tsp raw honey and 1 tsp of EVOO. Scrub it on those lips until smooth. Rinse and enjoy! 😉

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Hope this helps you get those kissable lips!


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4 comments on “Remedy those Chapped Lips!
  1. Jillie says:

    What! I was in the camp that chapped lips just meant that you’re dehydrated. And I’m super guilty of just licking them but I didn’t know that it was making it worse. Love this post!

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Isn’t it crazy? Makes sense though, right?! I always am guilty of licking my lips because they hurt!!

  2. Sam @ Pursuit of Healthy Happiness says:

    I am definitely trying your lip scrub recipe ASAP. What’s your advice for dry hands? My cuticles are as dry as the desert, even though I lotion AND use hand cream before bed. What gives?

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Wait!! I have such a goo remedy for this! Recently I’ve been in pool alot at work and had been noticing that, my nails were splitting my cuticles were super dry. I’m obsessed with coconut oil for my hair and I was noticing that when I would massage into my hair my hands would look better the next day…um, 2 birds one stone?? I started “conditioning” my hands with coconut oil 3-4x a week. I heat up around 1 1/2-2 tablespoons of pure coconut oil, pour into a shallow bowl and kind of crunch up my hands so that my nails are down in the oil. Let sit for around 3 minutes, then massage into your cuticles…don’t wash off! wake up with angel hands :-)

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