Friday Faves: Craving for Summer!

Happy Friday! Thank god for a day off! I’m so ready to just hang out and get caught up on my to-do list. I plan on spending the day at home, working on some major work projects and getting our house back in order. Last weekend, we went shopping for a little to get some summer clothes. I think its so easy to get caught up in material things and just want more and more every season. I’ve decided I need to majorly change up my clothing set up and routine. I tend to keep every item of clothing I own for years on end…even if they are so warn out that they are begging to be recycled.

Friday Faves Craving for summer Keep it Real Clean

Not any more! My plan now is to look for basics that can go from season to season and clothing that are quality pieces so that I don’t need to replace them every year. I’ve been looking for a few basics, and am loving these pins! Now, just to bare it down and decide which ones will fit my new basics mantra!


Okay, best ever. Dresses are like the easiest whole outfit. Its like cheating.


Whether its off to the beach or to work…a summery bag is the best. Just make sure it has a pocket for your sunglasses!


Okay, I need to pair (ha!) down my shoe collection majorly, but first…some basics…


When you’re as fair as me…this is a basic. 😉

Bathing Suit:

I don’t think I’ve bought a new swim suit in like 5 years. This is less of a basic, and more of a necessity at this point!

Looks like I still have a few pairing down to go to truly find some basics! What about you? What do you have for summer essentials?


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