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Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE.

Friday Faves: SUMMER LOVE. | Keep it Real Clean Happy Friday!! Not sure about you all, but I am more than ready for the weekend to be here. This week was totally exhausting and I’m ready for a break. Also! I’m super excited because I have another weekend trip planned. I’ll be headed home for some wedding activities for a friend and some much needed family time. I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be going this spring…wait, are we in summer, yet?

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Work it out: Get those strong thighs!

Get the thigh gap crap out Thigh gap. It’s like all the rage. You go on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and gosh, even Facebook and you’re bombarded with posts about GETTING THE GAP.

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Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad!

Honey Lime and Ginger Jicama Salad! Jicama. Upon first hearing the name you may mistake it for a sneeze. (Bad joke, sorry.) But, its actually a super yummy, root vegetable. I first tried it last year when it came in my CSA. Not only was I a little confused about this weird potato/onion thing that I pulled out of the box, but I was also a stumped about what I was supposed to do with it. Since our old CSA was a choice CSA, we typically knew what was coming in each box.

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Weekly Mantra: Be happy.

Don't worry.  Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday!! Hoping you all are having a wonderful, relaxing and happy Memorial Day weekend. I love weekends like this where the “priority” is being with friends, having fun and relaxing. Lately, I have been trying to remind myself of these things…you know? things that make you happy. I like to think of myself as a pretty happy person, but just as everyone else, I have my down days.

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Friday Faves: Best Photography Pins!

Friday Faves Best Photography Pins! Happy Friday! Lately, I have been using the power of Pinterest to learn something new. Let’s be honest when you’re looking to learn something what do you do? You power up your computer or grab your phone and punch it in google, or scour Pinterest…after all, the best things are free, right? Right.

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Get the most out of that race!

How to get the most from your race  Keep it Real Clean Here we are at the height of race and sign up season. Everywhere you look it seems to be that someone is finishing a race (go you!) or encouraging you to join for the next race…well, I’m going to be doing both of those things today. 😉 If you decide to sign up for that race, make sure you do the most you can to really squeeze the most out of that race!

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Chocolate milk…without all of the crap!

Chocolate milk homemade| WIthout the crap! | Keep it Real Clean Mmmm, chocolate milk. You cannot go wrong. Whether you’re all about cow, goat, cashew, almond, soy…whatever milk you choose, not many can argue that adding in chocolate makes it amazing. Chocolate milk is often hailed as the perfect post race or post workout food.

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Calling all Bloggers!

Calling all Bloggers  Interview for bloggers Keep it Real Clean Well Good Morning, Friends! Two weeks ago I had a wonderful brunch meeting ( I know, right? Best kind of meeting) with one of my favorite Philly bloggers, Sam from The Pursuit of Healthy Happiness. We chatted all about our recent postings, new tips/tricks, upcoming ideas, oh and life. 😉 Initially, we were going to just have a quick meeting…but 3 hours later we finally came up for air. Oh productivity and creativity.

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