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Happy Tuesday! Hope all of you are having a great week so far! This week is just as busy as last for me, but having this weekend to somewhat decompress really helped me to get ready to take on this week much more prepared than last week. After my work event on Sunday I had planned to tackle the remainder of my to-do list, but guess what? My body and mind said, “NOPE!” and instead I watched a bunch of Bravo, got ready for the week ahead and cooked a good dinner #priorities.


I decided to spend the time getting caught up on world happenings (oh, right…there are actually wayy more stressful things happening in the world than my world 😉 ), read a few of my favorite blogs and of course, catch up with my YouTube favorites. Here were a few of my reads/watches related to health that I found interesting! Check them out!

Read it!

The quickest weight loss habits to squeeze into a busy day: Some of these are super great, some are so-so, but always good to get another opinion.

31 Tips To Help You Sleep Better Tonight: This is such a great list of ideas! I’m going to aim to start incorporating a whole bunch of them into my sleep routine.

Sleep better with six minutes of bedtime yoga: Can you tell where my brain was going? I was in desperate need of some sleep! I’m trying to find ways to once again incorporate yoga so I’m hoping before bed will be great for a better night’s sleep!

What to Do When Your Job Is Seriously Stressing You Out: Okay, these are great ideas (and warnings!) for stress not only for work, but just life responsibilities. Good reminders on why its important to step back.

Watch it!

The “Perfect” Body: This is such a good wake up call for the way the fitness/health industry has evolved due to social media. Its such a good representation of why people need to stop looking at the screen, and look up at the people around you!

Natural’ Products Skincare Routine & Tips – Rachel Talbott: I’m a huge fan of Rachel Talbott’s blog and YouTube channel and was super pumped when she started making a series about her home. Most of her videos are about makeup, which is fun, but to be honest…I don’t really work a job that I would ever need (or want) to wear such a full face of make up, but I do love the ideas for days when I do. Most videos I just like to watch for fun, but skin care? I’m all about that! Loving this new video.


Happy Tuesday!

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