Weekly Mantra: Not everything.

Happy Sunday! Phew, Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest, right? Welp, not for me this work! This week I did my usual schedule at work of Monday-Thursday for my 10 hour days then this weekend I’ve been at a course for work Friday to Sunday 7:30-5:30pm every day. While I’m super excited to be going to the this training I’m EXHAUSTED and also not really looking forward to another full week at work, but such is life. All I know is that my day off next friday is going to be GLORIOUS.

This week my mantra will be to remind myself that although I can do anything, doesn’t mean that I need to do everything RIGHT NOW. Considering I don’t have a big spare second to breathe, this is probably not the week to throw myself into another project at home or make a bunch of plans with friends, but to instead focus on my priorities….like sleep 😉

You can do anything, but not everything.  Keep it Real Clean

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