Friday Faves: Ways to sneak in a workout!

Happy Friday! So I have been CRAZY busy lately. A million things at work, a billion things at home. My brain is actually constantly going. In order for me to stay sane, exercise is necessity. Without a good run here or there, my body and mind are totally not in sync. When your schedule gets busy it seems like the last thing you’ll be able to do is head to the gym, but maybe the gym isn’t a necessity? Check out my easy ways to squeeze in exercise during a busy day!

Fit in a workout everyday

1. Social Sweat.

Okay, no secret here! I’m all about incorporating something social, along with something healthy! Let’s face it, to be healthy there needs to be a good balance. Balance isn’t just about working out and eating nutrient dense foods though, there’s also an element of social and emotional health! By seeking out activities that not only give you a good workout, but also let you get in a good hangout sesh? Um talk about double duty! Find a running group to join and meet new friends! Find a workout class that you’ve been dying to try and get a friend to tag along! Anything to get a little sweat and social incorporated into your busy workout routine.

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2.  Squat and Scrub.

So you’re busy. Like very busy. SO busy that it seems like brushing your teeth is all thats going to happen outside of everything else you have going on. PERFECT. Set a timer (or use a fancy brush with a timer!) for 2 minutes, squat and start scrubbing. Yup, that’s right! When brushing, why not incorporate a few squats? Think of ways to add in workouts to your already busy routine by adding activity to those tasks that you can do on “auto pilot”. Maybe its lunges when you dry dishes? Wall pushes while you wait for the shower to heat up? Jumping jacks while dinner is cooking? Just little extra activities throughout the day add up!

3. Commute creatively.

I realize not everyone lives within walking distance of their job and can “run commute”, but maybe you live close to the post office? the grocery store? the liquor store? 😉 Think of ways to incorporate that extra mileage into your daily routine by eliminating the car, bus, train…whatever! and add in a walk. Short on time? No excuse! How about biking instead? Sometimes with the craziness of traffic, biking can be quicker! Just make sure to have a basket for your goods (and a helmet for your other goods 😉 )

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4. Challenge a friend.

Have you seen those 30 day challenges? You know, 30 day arms, abs, butt, belly, toes? (okay, made that one up…) but every Pinterest board seems to have a pin of one of these challenges! I totally look at one and think, “YES! I need this!!!” but by day 5? eh…I’m out. Instead of going at it alone, find a friend and challenge them to get those 30 day arms as well! Not only will you have someone to complain to about your sore muscles, but you’ll also have a great accountability partner! Best part? Most of the workouts for the challenges take less 5 minutes to start and max of 15 minutes by the end of the month. Not bad, eh?

5. Take a break.

A commercial break that is! With a crazy busy schedule, when you finally get that break sometimes catching up with your a little Vanderpump Rules is the only thing you want to do. Why not incorporate a workout while you watch? Let’s not get crazy and try to workout during the show, but how about over the commercial break? Try this!

Commercial Break Workout

There ya go friends! Maybe not every idea will be a perfect fit for you or your routine everyday, but hopefully these ideas will spark more about how to incorporate just a little physical activity into your daily routine on those days you can’t get in the full workout. But if you truly are having a day that is just way too crazy, maybe its a good day for a “rest” day, just remember to take care of yourself and have fun!! In the end, make sure to take care of your body because if not your busy days may be sidelined!



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