Green Tea and Blueberry Slush!

Blame it on the nice weather (or maybe just Rita’s opening right around the corner from our house), but I have been loving icy, slushy drinks lately. On Saturday, after our long walk (and cheese steak) I was feeling like a little something. Initially, I was going to have some green tea to balance out our lunch, but I was craving something icy and slushy.

Green Tea and Blueberry Slush!  Keep it Real Clean

First, I brewed some green tea because um, helllooo health then I let it cool in the refrigerator. Once it cooled, I tossed it in the blender with 1/2 cup of frozen organic blueberries, a handful of ice and a squeeze of lemon and then blended the whole thing until smooth. I love blueberries, not only for their awesome yummy flavor, but also because they are FULL of antioxidants. Yum! Green Tea and Blueberry Slush! | Keep it Real Clean

Okay, granted its not going to replace that ice cream cone, but its still icy, and slushy and yummy. Not a bad a treat for around 50 calories. Enjoy!


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