Weekly manta: Not perfection.

Happy Sunday! After having a few busy weekends in the row and looking at a calendar full for the next few weeks, we wanted to have a weekend of hanging out and enjoying the weather. Yesterday, after waking up and doing a few things around the house, we decided to go out and enjoy the springy weather! We ended up taking a walk around Philly for over 2 hours. We even stopped and split a cheesesteak for lunch (#sophilly).

I don’t do “cheat meals”, but I do try to balance not so clean, or not so great meals with something healthy…like a 2 hour walk! I think its more important to make healthy lifestyle choices versus continuously counting every single bite that goes into your mouth. I prefer to be more aware of how foods make me feel, or how I’m preparing/recovering my body from my workout. For me, if I eat fried or greasy foods, I know that my skin won’t “glow” the same way or that my stomach might be off  the next day so sometimes its just not worth it. Not saying that I eat like this everyday or even every single weekend…but, then again…sometimes a Mojito is just what the doctor ordered. ;-).

This week my mantra is to look to the overall picture, the overall idea of grace, versus perfect. Because what does perfect even mean? I feel like social media can fuel this idea of eating PERFECT, working out PERFECTLY and looking flawlessly PERFECT, but lets be honest. How fun is that? Speaking of gun…later on, we went to meet our friends for dinner in Jersey ps, and I got french fries with dinner.

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2 comments on “Weekly manta: Not perfection.
  1. Jillie says:

    Love it!I also live in Philly and it was beautiful this weekend. I went on a long walk Sunday evening too. I agree – it’s hard not to get hung up on being perfect especially when you’re seeing perfect examples pop up all over social media. It can definitely be a motivator to get the gym as well as cause a guilt trip for the unhealthy choice I made.

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Yeah I like to view it less as unhealthy versus healthy and just view it as a balance. All about that balance 😉

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