Friday Faves: Thing I’m loving lately.

Happy Friday! So today I thought I would do something a little different…maybe a little random? But I just wanted to share with you my 5 favorites from my life lately. Hope you can bear with me through this random mash up of things I’ve been loving lately.

Friday Faves Thing I'm loving lately.  Keep it Real Clean

1. Social Running.

Okay, first off I’ll just point out that I almost made just the fact that I am now not dying when running outside (bye bye cold!) its own favorite, but I figured that would get boring 😉 I love love love incorporating something healthy along with something social. Because I work long hours it can be hard to incorporate a workout, and hanging out with friends, andd eating dinner…and actually getting some serious sleep in. For me, I’ve been LOVING mixing my social with my sweat. Lately, I joined a running a group that meets one day a week…and ends at a bar. Not only do I get to do something healthy, but also get a meet up for something fun and social after!

Friday Faves: Lovin' Lately | Keep it Real Clean

2. Hittin’ the books.

Last summer I was all about reading…whether it was sitting outside and reading on my day off, or devouring a novel with my feet in the sand, I was all about getting my reading on. But. then the winter hit. and books were off the table. literally. I don’t know if was just that it was sooo cold that as soon as I got into bed I was too cold to reach for the book, or if I was just too exhausted from work, but I’m loving that I’m getting back into reading again. Biggest motivation? Creating a book club!

Friday Faves: Loving Lately. | Keep it Real Clean

3. Switching up the morning routine.

Lately, I’ve been trying to change up my morning routine. I can’t lie. It was a slow process to change the morning routine. Previously, I used to wake up with just enough time to pull it together, get out the house and more or less power walk to work to make it on time. Now, I wake up a full 2 hours before I have to leave for work..and I leave for work at 7:40am. Yup, 5:40am. MORNING! Okay, can’t lie I’ve always been a morning person, but I do love the change up for my morning routine lately and how it helps to set me up for all day. I’ll be sharing more on my morning routine next week! Look for it on Tuesday!

Friday faves| 5 ways to keep WARM| Loving lately. | Keep it Real Clean

4. Setting up a budget.

Okay, loving? Eh, maybe not? But, lately we’ve been trying to really hunker down to save for our upcoming wedding. Not that we aren’t good savers to start, but now with a certain saving goal in mind, I wanted to establish a budget for myself to really stick with for our groceries/home expenses. I recently set up a full on spreadsheet to help out with the budget, and granted I’m only 3 weeks in, but so far so good. One way that actually has really helped me…which seems silly because there are delivery costs, but actually using a grocery delivery service has helped me cut down on the random grocery store grabs. You know? those things you didn’t need, but somehow made it into the cart since they were on sale/something you read about somewhere/ in super cute packaging. Ugh. Also, added bonus! When you buy online you can see the total price throughout the whole “shop” rather than having it be a surprise when you get to the check out!

Friday Faves: Thing I'm loving lately. | Keep it Real Clean

5. Flowers.

I love flowers. In the ground, in a vase, in my hair, in my food (?)…everywhere! Lately I’ve been in the love with grabbing a bunch of flowers (within our grocery budget!) every  2 weeks or so.  I love that just something as simple as a small bunch of tulips can lift my mood and make or house look so happy! Insider tip: Trader Joe’s has awesome flowers! $5 for a potted Gerber daisy in a cute little tin? or a few bucks for a fresh bunch of tulips? Worth it.

Friday Faves: Thing I'm loving lately. | Keep it Real Clean

Hope you all have a wonderful, fun weekend! Happy Friday!



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2 comments on “Friday Faves: Thing I’m loving lately.
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I need to try some of these social running groups, they keep popping up all over Philly! Flowers are so pretty, I should start getting some for the house.

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