Conquer your Morning Workout

I know. You’re already dreading this because the thought of waking up early to do anything, let alone workout is just NOT your thing, but wait! It could be!! After a few weeks of scheduled…and missed…workouts I decided something had to change. I used to workout every morning at 6am, and honestly until recently I couldn’t believe I ever did, but I’m going to share with you my tips to conquer the morning workout!

Morning Workout

1. Pick a bedtime and stick to it.

Okay, first things first, there is no way that you’ll be able to accomplish your morning workout (let alone the rest of your day) without quality sleep. Try to figure out a bedtime that works with your schedule. Make sure to pick a time that allows you plenty of time to sleep for at least 7 hours, wake up, change and get your workout started. No need to pick a time that will add stress to the situation. You have enough deadlines to deal with all day! Want to get bonus points? Make a bedtime routine and stick to it. My bedtime routine includes making some tea, washing my face (anddd, using my Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil that I’m OBSESSED with) and then reading in bed before finally switching off the light.

2. Plan, plan plan!

Okay, we all know I love to plan. I can’t say it enough, but its also how you can accomplish wayy more in the day! FOr me, this is kind of a 2 part process. First, each night make a plan to pick out workout clothes the night before. Lay them out so that way you can just grab an go in the morning. Second, make a plan about what your workout will be for real…not just, “Oh, eh…cardio?” No, NOT going to work. If you go through all that effort to wake up 30-60 minutes ahead of your typical schedule, you had better have a real plan! If I’m planning to workout at home, I’ll go as far as to lay out my yoga mat and weights and pull up my workout on the computer so I can really just fall on to my mat in the morning and go!

3. Add in some multitasking!

If you can manage and still get in a good workout, multitask while you workout! Why not flip on the news and get caught up with the rest of the world while you pump some iron? News not your thing? Try listening to a pod cast while you workout! Talk about building suspense for you work 😉

4. Hit the ground running.

Okay, this one is tough, but I swear it get easier. Here’s how it works, as soon as your alarm goes off, just get up. I know. Easier said than done, but the more you do it the easier it gets. Honestly, you can gradually teach yourself to do it! As soon as the alarm goes off, take off the blankets, put a foot on the floor, turn on the light, whatever you need to do to get up and get moving!

Conquer the morning workout | Keep it Real Clean

5. Make a breakfast worth that workout.

You got up, you worked out, now refuel! Along with prepping your workout clothes, and your workout plan, make a plan about your post workout meal. So here’s the next question…when are you going to prep?

Over the weekend? Try these Carrot and Banana Muffins!
The night before? Try this fluffy, protein oatmeal!
In the morning? Try this green smoothie!

6. Make it a habit!

I think the hardest part about the morning workout is trying to make it a part of your routine, but once you get in the regular routine you’ll start to look forward to that time and your body will be used to the morning workout. Plus, when you start seeing changes in your body habit, schmabit…you’ll be ready to hit the gym to keep up the progress at any time of the day!

7. Find a friend.

If all else fails, enlist help! If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member that lives close or will commit to the morning workout make a plan to meet up and work it out! Once you make a plan together, not only will it be more fun to have a little social time while you workout, but also it’ll increase the accountability and remove all of the excuses to keep snoozing! Don’t have a friend nearby? Find a friend that is also trying the morning workout and text away. If you have the same workout time in the AM text when you get up to start your workout and text when you’re done! Or, better yet…Snapchat your post workout sweat! Cute.

So, are you motivated now? Just remember that these things take time and commitment. Don’t expect to have a perfect workout every morning. Give yourself time to adjust to the new schedule and try it out!

Good luck!!



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2 comments on “Conquer your Morning Workout
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Great tips!! I like the multitasking idea and making a yummy breakfast. I need to steal one of your recipes soon! :)

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      I’m all about multitasking! I don’t know if its because I used to work in a restaurant or if its because I’m in a huge family, but I really think I focus more when my brain is going in 10 different directions haha.

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