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If you like Piña coladas…

Piña coladas Smoothie Keep it Real Clean Then, make this smoothie 😉 Can I just say for the 1000th time I’m SO over cold weather. Granted, we are lucky that we aren’t still getting snow like my parents (ohh hey, Upstate NY), but I’m still done with the cold and just want to be able to go outside without wondering if I should do 2 layers or 3. I’m over it. Like really. Oh, good time to tell you all…I’m moving out of Philadelphia to escape cold.

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What to watch or read: Catch up!

IMG_8226 Happy Tuesday! Hope all of you are having a great week so far! This week is just as busy as last for me, but having this weekend to somewhat decompress really helped me to get ready to take on this week much more prepared than last week.

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Weekly Mantra: Take care.

Take care  Weekly Mantra. Good morning! I’m backkkk. I wish I could say I’m back, well rested and all that jazz, but let’s be honest. I’m not. I’m currently typing this up as I’m eating breakfast and getting ready to run out the door for a Sunday work event. I’ve had a rough/crazy week this past week, but let’s be honest…no one wants to read someone else complain so I’ll refrain. Just for you lovelies 😉

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Be back soon!

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! I was planning to have another full week of postings this week, but with how busy I have been this last week and with everything going on this week I’ve decided to take a little break so I don’t just churn out a bunch of crap for you all just to have a posting. I’ll be back on Sunday with the regular posting schedule! See you then! Don’t worry….you won’t need to be without me 😉 Check these out!

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Weekly Mantra: Not everything.

You can do anything, but not everything.  Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday! Phew, Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest, right? Welp, not for me this work! This week I did my usual schedule at work of Monday-Thursday for my 10 hour days then this weekend I’ve been at a course for work Friday to Sunday 7:30-5:30pm every day.

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Friday Faves: Ways to sneak in a workout!

Fit in a workout everyday Happy Friday! So I have been CRAZY busy lately. A million things at work, a billion things at home. My brain is actually constantly going. In order for me to stay sane, exercise is necessity. Without a good run here or there, my body and mind are totally not in sync. When your schedule gets busy it seems like the last thing you’ll be able to do is head to the gym, but maybe the gym isn’t a necessity? Check out my easy ways to squeeze in exercise during a busy day!

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Green Tea and Blueberry Slush!

Green Tea and Blueberry Slush! | Keep it Real Clean Blame it on the nice weather (or maybe just Rita’s opening right around the corner from our house), but I have been loving icy, slushy drinks lately. On Saturday, after our long walk (and cheese steak) I was feeling like a little something. Initially, I was going to have some green tea to balance out our lunch, but I was craving something icy and slushy.

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Starting the Day right: Set up a morning routine for success!

Starting the Day right: Set up a morning routine for success! | Keep it Real Clean Good morning!…I hope? I know. Mornings can be so rough. For the first year or so when I started my job I had almost a 2 hour commute every morning. It was hell. It also meant that I would basically wake up, throw myself in the shower, get dressed and run out the door.

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