REST: 10 reasons to take a rest day!

Hey friends! Hope your Tuesday is going well! Thought I would share with you my recent revelations about rest days. 😉

Okay, I think a true REST day is seriously one of my biggest challenges. When I first started really scheduling my workouts I would pick one random day and take it as a rest day regardless if my body was telling me I needed it or not. Recently, I started really cueing into my body’s signals rather than what my schedule dictates. Here they are! My 10 reasons that you need a rest day!

10 reasons to take a rest

1. You feel run down.

Okay, I get it, by the end of the week, who doesn’t feel run down? But, if you’re having trouble waking up or you’re exhausted all day, your body is trying to tell you that you need a break! Listen up, let your body rest and pray that its not a omen of an oncoming illness.

2. You’re dehydrated. 

In order for your muscles to repair after even a basic workout water is essential! Try to drink your water throughout the day if you have a workout on the books for later. If you’re not a water drinking, look at these creative ways to increase your H20 intake!

3. You haven’t been sleeping well.

You can’t fall asleep, stay asleep, or get quality sleep. By putting additional stress on your already run down body, not only will you not be getting a quality workout, but you also will be putting stress onto your body and possibly creating an injury.

Keep it Real Clean | 10 reasons to take a rest day

4. You’re not eating to support the workout.

Just like how water is needed to support the muscle rebuilding, you need to consume some quality nutrients to not only help in the rebuilding process after a workout, but also to give you the energy to get through the workout! Make sure to have a quality preworkout snack to really power up and power through your workout!

5. You’re sick.

Sniffles? Okay, you can get through that, but a full blown illness with a fever? Nope. Time for a rest day. Not only do you need to rest to allow your body to rest and heal, but if you workout in a public space, such a gym, be courteous to others and maybe opt for a home workout.

6. You’re super sore.

Like seriously sore. If you feel like everything, ie. washing your hair or tying your shoes, it may be time for a rest day. In order to let your body heal and rest, you need to give those muscles time to repair. If you can, try to train certain muscle groups, such as arms and abs on one day and legs on another so that way you can “consolidate” the soreness and not have to skip your workout!

10 reasons to take a rest day |keep it real clean

7. Your appetite is decreased.

Granted, everyone’s appetite changes, but if your body is stressed you will release certain hormones, such as cortisol an d epinephrine, which are appetite suppressants. Ultimately, if you’re body is sending you stress signs, listen up and take the rest!

8. You’ve hit a plateau.

It could be weight gain, mass loss, difficulty hitting those running splits…whatever it is…but sometimes taking a day off can help your body reset and push through the plateau!

9. You’re really not in the mood.

Who hasn’t heard/thought, “Oh, I’m in a bad mood…better workout.” Guilty! I do it all the time and 95% of the time a good workout (especially a run!) pulls me out of a major rut, but there are definitely times that its best to skip the workout and just take some personal time, whether its to read a book, or just take a walk. Take some personal time!


You worked out hard and your body is trying to tell you! Take the day and enjoy the rest!

So, bottom line…listen to your body! If your body is trying to tell you to rest, do it. Your muscles need rest in order repair and avoid a constant rest day…ie. an injury!!

10 reasons to take a rest day |keep it real clean

Take care of yourself!


Oh. ps. Look for the post next Tuesday about great ways to take that rest day!


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2 comments on “REST: 10 reasons to take a rest day!
  1. Sam @ Pursuit of Healthy Happiness says:

    Awesome list! Rest days can get a bad rep as being an excuse or a ‘lazy’ day. When really it’s something your body needs to properly recover if you’re working out seriously.

    The only thing I would add to this list is injury. From personal experience (and I know that so many people do this too!) I’ve worked out through injuries a number of times! What was I thinking! Not only is it terrible for injury recovery, it can cause more damage in the long run.

    Yay for rest days!

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